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Yellow Residence New Cairo
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Information about Yellow Residence New Cairo

Yellow Residence New Cairo is the latest residential project launched in New Cairo City, to serve as a residential and recreational compound in the most privileged locations in New Cairo, close to all the main roads, services, and famous residential compounds.

Yellow Residence New Cairo Compound Launched by Urbnlanes Real Estate Company, which decided to launch its latest recreational residential project in one of the most prominent new residential cities, which enjoys great investment value through the various huge investment projects that were implemented in it.

Below we present to you all the details about this project, the most important geographical advantages that it enjoys, units’ spaces and prices, as well as the most important services, benefits, and recreational activities that it includes within its walls.

Yellow Residence New Cairo location

Yellow Residence New Cairo is located specifically in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, directly on the Suez Road, and enjoys many geographical advantages that made it one of the most important residential investment projects in the Fifth Settlement.

Yellow Residence New Cairo - يلو ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس
Yellow Residence New Cairo – يلو ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

Among the most important geographical advantages of this new project, are the following:

  1. The Compound is just 10 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  2. The compound is only 12 minutes away from Madinaty City.
  3. It also is just 2 minutes away from Al Rehab City.
  4. The Compound is also 10 minutes away from the American University.
  5. The compound is also located just two minutes away from Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  6. The Yellow Residence project is also located near GreekTown.
  7. The project borders are located on the old Suez Road and the eastern Nasser axis road.
  8. Finally, it is located just 16 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

All of these previous advantages make the project occupy a great geographical importance among the rest of the other projects, due to its strategic and distinctive location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

Yellow Residence New Cairo Space

The space of ​​this new project implemented by Urbnlanes Real Estate Company, is approximately 24 acres, equivalent to 100,800 square meters. This Space is large enough and the company planned to construct a Yellow Residence compound on it, to serve as an architectural, residential and entertainment icon located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

Yellow Residence New Cairo - يلو ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس
Yellow Residence New Cairo – يلو ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

Urbnlanes Real Estate Company paid great attention to this project, as it allocated most of the total area of ​​the project for services, utilities, and recreational activities, to be not just a residential area, but also a place where its residents can get rid of life’s tensions and obtain the greatest amount of comfort and mental clarity.

Yellow Residence Compound Design

The developer company cooperated with major engineering consultants to design Yellow Residence Compound to be a unique architectural icon inspired by the European style and combines modernity, elegance, and luxury in one place.

The developer company also took care of designing the interior decoration of all units to combine simplicity and sophistication in their design, to integrate the sophistication of the interior design with the luxury of the exterior design, with the beauty of the landscape and the vast green spaces in Yellow Residence New Cairo.

In addition to the elegant design of the Compound. As the compound has the highest levels of smart and modern systems that facilitate the residents’ lives.

Urbnlanes cooperated with the following engineering consultants to design its project:

  • WSA Company “White Space Architecture”.
  • Engineer Hafez Consultant Office.
  • Okoplan is responsible for designing the compound’s landscape.
Yellow Residence Compound Services and Features 

Yellow Residence New Cairo Compound has a wide range of services, facilities, and recreational activities that qualify it to be a recreational residential complex at the highest level of quality and luxury.

Among the most important services and advantages offered by Yellow Residence compound to its residents are the following:

  • The compound contains a wonderful and distinctive landscape that integrates with the overall design of the project to be a modern architectural masterpiece that includes wide green spaces.
  • The project includes a security service at the highest level served by a highly trained security staff, and security gates to inspect visitors to impose the greatest degree of protection for its residents.
  • The compound includes a group of surveillance cameras distributed throughout the compound to monitor the compound throughout the day.
  • There is also a group of clubs and sports fields to practice all kinds of sports inside, from football, handball, basketball, as well as swimming, and other sports.
  • The compound provides its residents with private parking spaces (garages) to organize cars and prevent them from congesting inside.
  • The compound also includes a social club that is suitable for all family members to spend a unique and entertaining time inside the compound.
  • The compound also includes a health club that includes a gym, spa, and jacuzzi.
  • Urbnlanes Company has allocated a commercial place in the project that includes a group of international and local brands.
  • A group of the most famous local and international restaurants and cafes that serve delicious dishes and drinks.
  • The compound also provides everything related to medical care for the residents, such as pharmacies, clinics, and medical centers to deal with all emergency cases.
  • Yellow Residence also includes a mosque for doing all prayers.
Yellow Residence Units Spaces

Yellow Residence New Cairo Compound provides a wide range of residential units with different types and spaces to suit the tastes of different customers, to provide them with a variety of options that suit each individual’s taste.

This new project includes different units ranging from apartments, sky penthouses, and sky duplexes, and the spaces in the project come as follows:

  • One-room apartments start from 68 square meters.
  • Two-room apartments start from 128 square meters.
  • While the 3-room apartments’ spaces start from 180 square meters.
  • As for the sky penthouses and duplex units are starting from 200 square meters.
Yellow Residence Units Prices

UrbnLanes has provided its residential units in the project at very competitive prices, compared to the advantages and services size that the developer focused on.

Yellow Residence New Cairo - يلو ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس
Yellow Residence New Cairo – يلو ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

The unit prices in the compound start from the following:

  • The price per meter in the project starts from only 35,000 EGP per meter, and it increases gradually according to the space, type of unit, and its location within the compound. 
Payment systems in Yellow Residence Compound

Payment system in this giant new project produced by Urbnlanes Real Estate Company is very flexible, as the developer has provided an easy payment system to facilitate reserving residential units in this distinguished project.

Payment system available in the compound comes as follows:

  • Paying 10% down payment of the total unit value, and the rest in equal installments up to 7 years.

Information about the developer company

Urbnlanes Development is a leading real estate development company belonging to Emeel Abdallah Group and the Kuwaiti First Group. It was launched in 1994 to be specialized in the field of development, building, and construction.

The mother company to which Urbnlanes belongs, specialized in building skyscrapers and high-rise towers, as it implemented more than 20 residential towers in the Sheraton, Mokattam, and Maadi neighborhoods.

Urbnlanes Development seeks to be the largest real estate development company in Egypt during the next five years, as the company has a huge financial capability estimated at 10 billion Egyptian pounds.

Urbnlanes Real Estate Company is the seventh real estate development company affiliated with Emeel Abdallah Group in the field of building and construction.

Chairman of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Urban Lanes Real Estate Company is chaired by Eng. Emeel Abdallah, who intends to lead the company towards development and leadership in the Egyptian real estate development market by 2028, in line with the Egyptian state’s directions in sustainable urban development.

Urbnlanes Previous projects 

Since its entry into the Egyptian market, Urbnlanes Real Estate Company has undertaken the implementation of a group of mega projects that became famous in the Real Estate market in Egypt, and allowed it to compete strongly among the major real estate development companies in Egypt.

Among the most prominent of these projects are the following:

  • East Lane New Cairo Mall.
  • Grand Park Tower project.
  • Salmiya Resort.
  • Levels Business Tower New Capital project.
  • AUM University in Kuwait (American University of the Middle East).
  • Implementation of several separate projects in Maadi and Sheraton.
  • Mohammed Al-Rashideen Compound in Kuwait.
Project details

Yellow Residence is located in New Cairo, in a very strategic location near the most important landmark compounds and main roads.

The space of Yellow Residence New Cairo project is 24 acres, which is approximately 100,800 square meters.

Yellow Residence Compound offers distinct residential units ranging from one, two, and three-room apartments, in addition to Sky penthouses and duplexes.

The units’ spaces in the compound start from only 68 square meters.

Unit’s prices in Yellow Residence Fifth Settlement start from 35,000 EGP per meter.

The Compound offers a flexible payment system starting from paying a 10% downpayment and the rest in equal installments up to 7 years.

The company that owns the project is Urbnlanes Development.

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