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Violet at Damac Hills 2

Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 is one of the distinguished phases implemented by DAMAC Properties in its renowned DAMAC Hills 2 project in the enchanting city of Dubai. 

Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 offers a distinctive collection of spacious and modern homes consisting of four bedrooms, meticulously designed to meet the needs of modern families in the UAE real estate market, particularly in Dubai. 

Each home in Violet is thoughtfully designed in terms of space and functionality, ensuring a perfect harmony between elegance and comfort. 

The windows in Violet are designed to be large, allowing ample natural light to flood in, creating bright and airy living spaces that enhance the feeling of openness and connection with the outdoor environment. 

Book your unit in Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 and enjoy embracing a lifestyle that combines the beauty of nature, the elegance of modern design, and the comfort of living in a home carefully crafted for you by contacting us at +971542494798.


Location of Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 

Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 is strategically located to provide residents with exceptional convenience and connectivity to all other areas. This unique location also allows residents to enjoy the tranquility of a residential area designed for their comfort while being close to the vibrant city of Dubai and essential services. 

Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 is located near some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai, targeting local and foreign visitors throughout the year. Key nearby attractions include:

  • Dubai Camel Racing Club: Offering a unique cultural experience just a short drive away.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: The world’s largest natural flower garden.
  • Arabian Ranches: A famous residential community.
  • Dubai Outlet Mall: A major shopping destination offering great deals on various brands.
  • Al Maha Desert: A luxury resort offering unique desert experiences and activities.
  • Hamdan Sports Complex: A state-of-the-art facility covering a wide range of sports and events in Dubai.
  • Global Village: A multicultural theme park offering a variety of shopping, entertainment, and food from around the world.
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure: One of the largest indoor entertainment destinations ideal for family fun.
  • The Seven’s Stadium: Dedicated to hosting major sports events and concerts.

Acquire your unit now in one of DAMAC Properties’ most prominent residential projects in Dubai, and enjoy an exceptional lifestyle filled with luxury in Dubai. 

For bookings and inquiries, contact us immediately at +971542494798.




Design of Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 

Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 is not just a residential community; it is a carefully designed project offering a vibrant and exciting lifestyle. 

This new recreational community features a wide range of integrated facilities and services, ensuring an exceptional experience for residents. 

The design is characterized by extensive green spaces and diverse, unique recreational amenities. Each area within the project’s master plan has distinctive features, enhancing the quality of life and ensuring a variety of activities and experiences for residents close to their homes. 

Violet particularly embodies DAMAC Hills 2’s philosophy of blending modern luxury with the beauty of nature, creating an ideal living environment, and fostering social interaction within a well-balanced, integrated community.

violet damac hills 2  - فيوليت داماك هيلز ٢
violet damac hills 2 – فيوليت داماك هيلز ٢

Key Features of the Master Plan

  • Diverse Residential Communities: DAMAC Hills 2 comprises a variety of uniquely themed residential communities such as Violet, each featuring distinct designs and themes, creating a diverse and cohesive community atmosphere. 
  • Green Spaces: The overall design includes extensive green parks and green belts that provide a peaceful environment and encourage outdoor activities. 
  • Integrated Recreational Facilities: The design emphasizes highlighting recreational facilities to cater to all aspects of sports, leisure, and relaxation, offering multiple options for activities and entertainment. 
  • Ease of Access: Well-planned roads and pathways facilitate easy movement within the community and provide convenient access to various nearby highways and key locations in Dubai.
Features of Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 

Violet offers investors a highly attractive residential investment opportunity in the heart of Dubai. This new residential community provides an exceptional array of services, amenities, and facilities aimed at enhancing the residents’ experience with more luxury and comfort. 

Some of the features offered in Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 include:

  • Spacious Areas: The community offers expansive living and dining areas that provide a sense of openness and connectivity.
  • Modern Kitchens: The community provides fully equipped modern kitchens with ample storage space.
  • Private Gardens: Violet features large gardens ideal for outdoor activities, picnics, or relaxation.
  • Upper-Level Spaces: The project offers perfectly designed upper-level spaces for hosting guests or enjoying quiet times under the stars.
  • Comfortable Bedrooms: The project includes distinctive residential units comprising four spacious bedrooms, each carefully designed to achieve comfort and privacy.
  • Elegant Bathrooms: The units are equipped with modern bathrooms featuring high-quality fixtures and finishes.
  • Malibu Beach: A distinctive and safe beach with beautiful artificial waves resembling natural sea waves.
  • Surf Simulator: Designed specifically for surfing enthusiasts to safely practice the sport.
  • Lazy River: The project includes a unique lazy river, adding more charm and elegance to the community.
  • Sports Facilities: The project includes various sports facilities for practicing different sports for amateurs and athletes.
  • Supermarket: To purchase all daily necessities, Violet Community offers 24/7 supermarket services.
  • Medical Clinics: The community includes medical clinics providing comprehensive healthcare services to Violet residents.
  • Community Center: Violet features a community center suitable for all family members to spend quality time and create beautiful memories.
  • Mosques: The community includes mosques for performing all Islamic prayers throughout the day.
  • Tranquil Fishing Lake: The community has a tranquil fishing lake where peace and relaxation meet, allowing you to enjoy fishing amidst the beauty of nature and rejuvenate your spirit.
  • Petting Farm: Learn and engage with the animal world in the petting farm, interacting with living creatures and enhancing your love for nature through a fun and exciting educational experience.
  • Dog Park: Enjoy walking and playing with your dog in a designated area for dog owners.
  • Outdoor Cinema: Enjoy enchanting outdoor cinema nights, blending the movie experience with the beautiful nighttime atmosphere under the stars.

This is just a quick look at the extensive range of services and recreational facilities highlighted in this integrated residential and entertainment community in Dubai. 

For more information, you can contact us at +971542494798


Unit Spaces in Violet at DAMAC Hills 2

Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 offers a range of luxurious residential units that reflect the opulence of the compound and blend seamlessly with the stunning landscape of the project. 

These units are available in spacious spaces to cater to those who like wide living areas. The unit details in the Violet complex are as follows:

  • High-end residential units with 4 bedrooms, designed to accommodate those who love luxurious and spacious living areas.

DAMAC Hills 2 Investment Benefits

DAMAC Hills 2 project provides numerous investment advantages to clients, making it one of the most promising residential projects in Dubai. 

Some of the standout benefits offered by the project include:

  • Early Handover: DAMAC Properties has announced its intention to hand over the units in DAMAC Hills 2 by June 2026.
  • Excellent Investment Returns: The project offers significant investment returns to clients along with excellent payment plans to facilitate ease for customers.
  • Spacious Areas: The project provides wide spaces that can accommodate families of various sizes.
  • Strategic Location: The project is situated in a prime location near key city attractions, such as the Water City and the famous gardens in Dubai.
  • Value for Money: The project offers the highest possible value at the best price for investment in Dubai.
  • Exemption from Land Department Fees: Clients who book on the launch day receive a special exemption from the 4% land department fees.
violet damac hills 2  - فيوليت داماك هيلز ٢
violet damac hills 2 – فيوليت داماك هيلز ٢
Prices of Violet at DAMAC Hills 2

Regarding the prices of the Violet complex in DAMAC Hills 2, DAMAC Properties has ensured that these prices are among the main advantages of this unique residential complex. 

The prices in the Violet complex are as follows:

  • Intermediate Units: Starting from 510,000$ USD.
  • Corner Units: Starting from 564,000$ USD.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) Fee: 20,500$ USD to confirm booking seriousness. 
  • DAMAC Properties has announced special discounts for clients interested in bulk purchases for a limited time. 

Hurry to book your residential unit in Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 and take advantage of the exclusive discounts available for a limited time. 

For bookings and inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at +971542494798

About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is an Emirati company specializing in real estate in the UAE, listed on the Dubai Financial Market since 2015. 

The company’s headquarters is in Dubai, UAE. It has extensive experience achieved through executing numerous notable real estate projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UK, Jordan, Lebanon, and Oman. 

The company’s revenue reached approximately 7.5 billion AED in 2017 and 6.1 billion AED in 2018, indicating its success as a strong competitor in the real estate development market in the UAE and the Arab world.

violet damac hills 2
violet damac hills 2

Company Origin

DAMAC Properties is part of the DAMAC Group, founded in 1992. DAMAC Properties was established in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani, Chairman and owner of the company. 

It was the first company of its kind in the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange through a Global Depository Receipts program, with a capital of 379 million USD. 

The company began trading in Dubai in 2015 and delisted its GDRs in March of the same year. DAMAC Properties has received numerous awards across the region, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Canada, the UK, and the Maldives. 

The company has delivered approximately 35,000 units and has about 30,000 units in various stages of development.

Previous Projects

DAMAC Properties has executed a range of notable real estate projects in the UAE and other Arab countries, contributing to its distinction in the real estate scene in the Middle East. 

Some of its well-known projects include:

  • DAMAC Hills.
  • DAMAC Hills 2.

Hurry to book your unit in the heart of one of the most famous residential and entertainment projects executed by DAMAC Properties in Dubai, Violet at DAMAC Hills 2

Contact us at +971542494798, and we will assist you by answering all your inquiries and booking your residential unit in the project

Project details

You can book your unit in  Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 by contacting us at +971542494798.

DAMAC Hills 2 project covers an area of approximately 55 million square feet and can accommodate around 28,000 residents.

The prices of Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 start from 510,000 USD.

The developer of Violet at DAMAC Hills 2 is DAMAC Properties.

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