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Information about Latin District New Alamein

The Latin District New Alamein is considered one of the distinctive projects designed specifically to meet the needs of comfort and excellence in a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. This integrated tourist project is one of the most important projects of the Egyptian-Saudi Company for Construction and Development, which is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt.

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and seeking to regain peace and positive energy, the Latin District New Alamein offers you a key to a completely different life in every sense of the word.

This project is characterized by its excellent location in a fully serviced and recreational area, located near many prominent landmarks in New Alamein North Coast.

The Latin District Resort offers a variety of units with different sizes and designs to meet the various needs of clients and investors.

Moreover, SED company has provided these units at competitive prices and flexible installment systems, offering a wonderful opportunity for everyone to own a unit in this distinctive project. Contact us now and reserve your unit at 00201011564040.

The Latin District Location

Latin District in New Alamein boasts a unique strategic location on the international coastal road from the north, making it a significant landmark on the region’s real estate map. What distinguishes the location of the Latin District Alamein is as follows:

  • The district is situated on the international coastal road, enhancing its importance and facilitating accessibility.
  • The Latin District can be easily accessed via two main roads, either through the Alexandria-Matrouh road or the new Fouka road.
  • The location of the Latin District was carefully chosen by the Saudi-Egyptian company, focusing on its proximity to vital and important places in the area.
  • The project is distinguished by its proximity to vital centers such as the Cultural House, the university area, the cinema complex, the heritage city, and Alamein Lake.
  • The location of the Latin District allows easy access to several important destinations such as Alexandria city, Sidi Abdel Rahman, Marassi North Coast, in addition to Alamein International Airport.
  • Additionally, the location offers the enjoyment of the 14 km-long corniche and Disneyland, and is only a few minutes away from Marina 7 and Alamein Towers.

The Latin District New Alamein enjoys a distinguished and central strategic location, making it an ideal destination for living and investment.

  Latin District in New Alamein Design

The architectural designs in the Latin District in New Alamein reflect the distinctive image of Roman designs. The company has aimed to create an integrated city with unique, high-quality designs and to establish infrastructure and an ideal community in the heart of New Alamein.

The engineering design also includes a large number of various living and recreational services, in addition to the services enjoyed by the entire city of New Alamein. SED company ensured that the design of the entire project combines elegance and luxury, rivaling the beauty of the most beautiful European cities.

 Latin District New Alamein Spaces

The Latin District in Alamein is considered a massive project developed over a vast area of 650 acres, equivalent to more than 2,730,000 square meters.

This area is characterized by its diversity and richness in green spaces, where the building ratio does not exceed 35% of the total project area.

The development plan for this district is among its most prominent features, as the developing company has strived to make it one of the largest coastal projects.

The project offers extensive recreational areas, in addition to a high level of privacy and security. Therefore, investing in this district is considered an ideal and favorable opportunity for ambitious investors.

Unit spaces in the Latin District New Alamein

There are apartments for sale in the Latin District in New Alamein with various sizes to suit different categories of clients and investors interested in purchasing. Below is an overview of the available average unit space:

  • One-bedroom apartments starting from 115 square meters.
  • Two-bedroom apartments starting from 125 square meters. Don’t hesitate to contact us now at 00201011564040 for reserve and more details.
  • Three-bedroom apartments starting from 158 square meters.
  • Four-bedroom apartments starting from 234 square meters

Latin District, New Alamein Prices 

SED company has ensured that the prices of apartments in the Latin District are suitable for a wide range of investors and clients. Here’s an overview of the average prices in the Latin District:

Prices on the main road in the Latin District:

  • One-bedroom residential units starting from 3,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Two-bedroom apartments starting from 4,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for three-bedroom apartments start from 5,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for four-bedroom units start from 6,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices on the seafront:

  • Prices for units with a garden view in the Latin District start from 5,600,000 Egyptian pounds, and go up to 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for units with a lagoon view in the Latin District start from 11,300,000 Egyptian pounds, and go up to 14,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

Don’t hesitate to own your unit in one of the most important projects of the Saudi-Egyptian company. The Latin District in New Alamein is a unique investment opportunity that should not be missed. For reserve , contact us now at 00201011564040.

payment plans in the Latin District, New Alamein

Latin District New Alamein project offers a wide range of different installment systems that suit all clients, regardless of their social levels. The company has made it easy for all clients to purchase by booking with the lowest down payment and installment over 7 years with no interest.

  • 10% down payment upon booking, 5% after 3 months, and installment over 7 years.
  • It is worth mentioning that all units come with a super lux finishing system, and the delivery is expected during the year 2024.
  • Maintenance deposit of 6.5%.

Don’t miss the opportunity to book your unit in the Latin District in New Alamein. Simply contact us at 00201011564040 for reserve  and inquiries. The Latin District represents a fantastic investment opportunity in one of the finest tourist areas in Egypt,

Latin District, New Alamein Services and facilities

There is no end to the advantages witnessed in New Alamein, a city launched in collaboration with government agencies and private companies to become a landmark of tourist investment. As for the services offered by the project, they are as follows:

  • The Latin District includes vast green spaces, giving the units a breathtaking view.
  • The project features a university and international schools.
  • The resort includes a restaurant and café area offering the most delicious international and local dishes.
  • The project has a tourist promenade along the sea.
  • There are various swimming pools of different sizes and depths suitable for all age groups.
  • The village includes a massive aqua park with a variety of fantastic water games suitable for all ages.
  • The project includes several children’s entertainment areas equipped to the highest standards (Kids’ Area).
  • There is a gym equipped with the latest devices and a variety of sports courts.
  • The village provides a social and health club.
  • Additionally, there are spa, sauna, and jacuzzi facilities.
  • The village offers a golf cart to facilitate easy movement for customers within the village.
  • The village includes a hospital and medical clinics operating around the clock.
  • The project features several enchanting artificial lakes.
  • The project has a security system with highly trained and qualified guards.
  • The project is covered by high-quality surveillance cameras.

Disadvantages of Latin District, New Alamein

Customers and investors find that one of the main Disadvantages of the Latin District is that it only includes residential apartments and chalets, lacking villas. Some clients have pointed out that the village offers a stunning view, and the services are abundant. However, it lacks the presence of villas and palaces for those who prefer luxury and comfort. For more details about the drawbacks of the Latin District, please contact us at 00201011564040

About SED Development

The Egyptian-Saudi Company is the fruit of a partnership between the Egyptian and Saudi governments. The company traces its roots to an agreement between the New Urban Communities Authority in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This agreement was made in 1975 following the approval of the Saudi government and was issued after the approval of the People’s Council by Presidential Decree No. 656 of 1975.

The Egyptian-Saudi Company has successfully launched several significant and distinctive projects. It has also invested in the tourism sector through various projects. The company’s total investments in 2007 were approximately 75 million. The company has clarified that it is currently working on 6 different projects and aims to deliver more than 5,000 housing units.

Previous Projects of the Company

The Egyptian-Saudi Company has executed several massive projects that have made waves in the real estate market. Some of the company’s most prominent works include:

  • Zahrat Assiut Project.
  • Nile Housing Project in Assiut.
  • Durrat Assiut Project under construction.
  • Zahra Al-Obour Project.
  • Mansoura Housing.
  • Badeea Al-Badia Project in Shubra.
  • New Maadi Housing.
  • Lake Dream in Dreamland.
  • Zahra Al-Tagamoa Fifth Settlement.
  • Amal Housing Project.
  • Al-Nuzha Housing in Heliopolis.
  • Studio Masr in Giza.
  • Dome and Sawahef Housing.
  • Jayd Project in New Cairo.

Choose from the available spaces and prices in The Latin District, New Alamein, and enjoy the sea, the charming view, and the sandy beaches. Leave the hustle and bustle behind and experience the most beautiful summer vacation in a comprehensive city designed to be the first on the North Coast. The Latin District New Alamein offers a different and new summer experience. Contact us now at 00201011564040 Owning a unit in the Latin District is an irreplaceable investment opportunity.

Project details

You can contact us at 01069210222

5% down payment and facilities up to 7 years.

The chalet price starts from 1,678,000 pounds.

New Alamein City.

Egyptian Saudi Real Estate Development

Chalet spaces start from 60 square meters.

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