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Information about The Axis 6 October

The Axis 6 October is a new residential complex with full services and one of the architectural masterpieces presented by IWAN Development in one of the best strategic and distinguished locations in the heart of 6 October City.

IWAN Development Company provided an unlimited package of benefits and services at The Axis, targeting the largest segment of customers and investors wishing to acquire their residential units in the heart of 6 October City. It also provided a distinguished group of residential units with various sizes and prices to suit all segments.

Below we provide you with more detailed information about The Axis 6 October Compound, the unit prices and spaces, the services and facilities provided in the project, and the most important information about the developer company, IWAN Development.

The Axis 6 October Location

The Axis 6 October has many geographical advantages, as its location was chosen very carefully in 6 October City in a strategic location that makes it easy to reach the most important roads and main axes.

The most prominent geographical advantages enjoyed by The Axis can be summarized in the following points:

  • The Axis Compound is located in the heart of 6 October City just 7 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed City.
  • The Axis is a very short distance from the Ring Road and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The project is distinguished by its proximity to the most important landmarks in 6 October City, such as the Egyptian Museum.
  • The project is adjacent to the city’s most prominent residential complexes, such as Sun Capital Compound, which is located only 15 minutes away.
  • The compound is easily accessible from Cairo International Airport in just 20 minutes.
  • The Axis October Compound is a very short distance from Lebanon Square. 

Thanks to this strategic location enjoyed by The Axis 6 October Compound and its proximity to the most important basic services and major landmarks, The Axis is considered an ideal choice for many investors looking for upscale and comfortable living in 6 October City.

The Axis Compound Space

The Axis was designed with the latest architectural designs and international standards that guarantee all elements of luxury and distinction, with the help of a group of the most important designers and engineering consultants with extensive experience in the field of engineering and architectural design.

The Axis Compound extends over an area of 55 acres and includes many spacious green spaces that give the best view of the residential units located within the compound. The developer paid more attention to the natural landscape of the compound than the number of residential units provided, as only 20% of the total area of the project was allocated to residential buildings, while the rest of the area is estimated at approximately 80%. It is occupied by all green spaces, gardens, swimming pools, and artificial lakes.

IWAN Development carefully focused on the green spaces within the project to provide a calm and comfortable environment, enhance the psychological comfort of the compound’s residents, and provide a haven for relaxation and renewal.

In addition to parks and green spaces, the project provides a variety of luxury facilities and services, including shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, and entertainment and leisure areas, making it an integrated community that meets all residents’ needs.

The Axis 6 October Design

The Axis 6 October Compound has a very luxurious, modern design, taking into account the provision of a variety of integrated facilities that fully meet the needs of its residents. It is also concerned with creating an advanced infrastructure that ensures its integration, quality of services and facilities, and continuity.

The architectural design of The Axis project is characterized by its modern and contemporary style. It combines luxury and practicality in its main design, offering a comfortable and attractive environment for its residents.

During The Axis project, IWAN Development Company paid attention to the interior design of the residential units, as it includes a variety of luxurious residential units that range from luxury apartments to spacious villas, which are characterized by sophisticated design and allow families greater freedom in choosing the residential unit that suits their needs and lifestyle.

The general design of The Axis 6 October Compound is dominated by a group of wide green spaces and recreational areas that provide an ideal environment for relaxation and entertainment for all family members.

The Axis Compound is considered a realistic embodiment of modern and sophisticated life that supports its residents with all elements of residential luxury, as it combines luxury, comfort, and sustainability in an integrated and diverse residential environment that includes all services.

The Axis 6 October Features and Services

The Axis 6 October Compound has an endless number of advantages offered by this integrated residential complex in the heart of October City, which supports its residents with an exceptional residential experience that has many components for the modern and ideal housing that customers are looking for in the real estate market.

The most important features of The Axis Compound can be summarized in the following points:

  • Distinctive location: The Axis 6 October Compound is located in one of the most lively areas of October City, in a location close to government facilities and the most important and famous main axes and roads.
  • Luxury residential units: The compound includes luxury residential units with modern designs, available in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs, and offered at unparalleled competitive prices in October City.
  • Electronic gates: The compound is equipped with electronic gates to ensure the greatest possible safety and protection for all residential units within the compound, which also facilitate the entry and exit of all cars to and from the compound.
  • Tracks: There is a long walkway inside the compound designated for jogging, cycling, and walking.
  • Surveillance cameras: The compound contains surveillance cameras distributed throughout The Axis Compound to monitor people and properties around the clock and ensure their effective protection.
  • Security Staff: There is a highly trained security and guarding Staff in The Compound that works to secure the compound all day.
  • ATMs: There is a group of ATMs within the compound to make it easier for residents to easily make withdrawals, deposits, and financial transfers at any time.
  • Advanced infrastructure: The compound was established on an integrated infrastructure that depends on providing all basic services, such as gas, electricity, sewage networks, and water purification plants for residential units.
  • Barbecue areas: There are areas designated for barbecue lovers and social gatherings, where residents can enjoy enjoyable times with family and friends in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Wonderful natural views: The residential units in the compound feature a distinctive and direct view of the green spaces and artificial lakes, which adds a special beauty to the surrounding environment.
  • Mosques: There are mosques designed in the Islamic style to perform prayers and religious rituals, and they contain a special prayer room for women.
  • Clean energy sources: The Axis Compound is considered one of the sustainable projects, as it relies on clean solar energy to generate electricity and light all parts of the compound.
  • Electric elevators: All residential buildings are equipped with advanced electric elevators that transport residents between different floors with ease, in addition to providing designated stairs for emergency cases to ensure the safety of residents.
  • Advanced control system: The residential buildings within the compound were designed using the latest artificial intelligence technologies that allow lighting and ventilation to be controlled via a mobile phone.
  • Electricity generators: Electricity generators are available within The Axis Compound to support residential units in the event of any sudden power outage, to ensure the continuity of services and facilities without impact.
  • High-speed Internet: A free Wi-Fi network has been provided to support the units’ residents with 24-hour internet, allowing them to carry out their work and tasks easily at any time.
  • Cleaning services: The process of collecting waste and garbage from the residential units in The Access 6th October Compound is carried out periodically and safely, as it is disposed of and recycled without causing any harm to the environment.
  • Parking: There is a group of parking lots and garages designated for parking cars within the compound.

Enjoy the highest levels of residential luxury in 6 October City, and own your unit in one of the most important residential projects in the city, implemented by IWAN Development.

For reservations and inquiries, contact us immediately on 00201011564040.

The Axis 6 October Units’ Spaces

The Axis 6 October Compound offers a variety of residential units available in different spaces to suit different customer requirements. The units provided by the compound include a group of apartments and penthouse units ranging in space from 89 square meters to 289 square meters. Details of the unit areas come as follows:

  • The spaces of one-bedroom apartments range between 89 square meters and 97 square meters.
  • While the areas of two-bedroom apartments start from 120 square meters and reach 154 square meters.
  • The 3-bedroom apartment area starts from 176 square meters and reaches 198 square meters.
  • There are also 3-bedroom penthouse units available with spaces ranging from 221 square meters to 289 square meters.

Whatever residential space you are looking for in 6 October City, you can easily find it in The Axis Compound.

Contact us now on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will immediately assist you with all the information you need about the project and reserve your own residential unit in The Axis 6 October Compound.

The Axis Compound Prices

In continuation of the series of advantages provided by IWAN Development in its new project, The Axis Compound, the company has provided residential units in the compound at distinctive and competitive prices that cannot be compared to the size of the actual advantages provided by IWAN Company during the project, to obtain a greater competitive advantage than other nearby projects. As for the prices of the residential units in the compound, they are as follows:

  • The prices of one-room apartments in The Axis Compound range between 4,700,000 EGP and 5,000,000 EGP.
  • While the prices of two-room apartments range between 8,100,000 Egyptian pounds and 9,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Three-room apartment prices range between 10,000,000 Egyptian pounds and 12,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Get your residential unit now at the best price on 6 October City, and enjoy all the elements of residential luxury in The Axis Compound.

Contact us on 00201011564040, and our sales representatives will immediately provide you with all the details and professionally assist you in reserving your residential unit in The Axis Compound.

The Axis 6 October Payment Plans

IWAN Development presented in The Axis a long-term payment plan extending over many years that aims to facilitate customers in purchasing their own residential units within the project without bearing any double financial burdens. The payment plan in The Axis 6 October Compound comes as follows: 

  • Pay a 20% down payment of the total unit price, and the rest over a long installment period of up to 6 years without any additional interest.
  • The units will be delivered within The Axis Compound within only two and a half years from the date of contracting for the residential unit.

Reserve your unit now in The Axis Compound, and enjoy the facilities package provided for you by IWAN Development.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact us on 00201011564040.

Information about IWAN Development

IWAN Development is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East, which has enjoyed a good reputation in the real estate market since its inception in 2004 as an Egyptian joint stock company. 

IWAN Development Company aims to develop homes and create advanced residential communities with the highest standards of quality and excellence, as the company’s vision is to provide superior comfort to its customers by providing unique, unprecedented products in the market.

IWAN is characterized by innovation and keen attention to all details of real estate projects, from concept to delivery of residential units. The company always strives to achieve high value for its customers through its clear dedication to achieving integration in every aspect of its work.

The company owns real estate projects in various fields and sectors, whether coastal, commercial, or administrative, Thanks to which, the company succeeded in achieving a solid position in the Egyptian real estate market.

Buy your residential unit now in The Axis Compound, and enjoy all the benefits offered to you by IWAN Development during this distinguished project.

Contact us now on 00201011564040 and one of our sales representatives will assist you in booking your unit professionally.

Project details

You can reserve your residential unit in The Axis 6 October Compound by contacting us on 00201011564040.

Unit prices in The Axis 6 October Compound start at 4,700,000 Egyptian pounds and reach up to 12,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Plans in The Axis 6 October Compound start with a 20% downpayment and the rest in installments up to 6 years.

The company that owns The Axis 6 October Compound is IWAN Development Company.

The Axis Compound is located in a prime location in 6 October City, near the most important roads and main axes.

The project includes residential units that vary between apartments and penthouse units and are available in different spaces to suit all customer requirements.

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