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Safia North Coast Village is one of the foremost tourist and investment destinations on the North Coast, offering a unique experience that combines luxury and comfort.

Thanks to its strategic location and modern architectural design, this village has succeeded in attracting numerous clients seeking a tranquil and integrated environment where all the elements of upscale living are available.

IL Cazar Real Estate, the main developer of this project, has utilized its extensive expertise in property development to create a comprehensive residential resort that caters to various tastes and needs.

Safia North Coast Village sprawls across a vast area, allowing for a diverse range of housing units including chalets and villas of various sizes, all designed with the latest architectural styles to ensure maximum comfort and luxury.

With its advanced road network connecting the North Coast to other vital areas, the village has become easily accessible, further enhancing its appeal as an ideal destination for both residence and investment. 

Safia North Coast is the perfect choice for those seeking secure investment and comfortable living in one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean Sea. Reserve your unit now at 00201011564040.

Safia North Coast Location

  • Safia Village, located on the North Coast, is strategically positioned at kilometer 185 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road.
  • The IL Cazar Real Estate Company prioritizes this ideal location to ensure the residents’ well-being and comfort.
  • With its proximity to vital landmarks and services, Safia Village offers quick access to essential amenities.
  • Its location near recreational and residential facilities, along with major roads connecting the North Coast to other regions, makes life in Safia both convenient and comprehensive.
  • The vital locations near Safia Village project on the North Coast can be highlighted as follows:
  • Safia Resort is situated near Ras El Hekma and Sidi Heneish.
  • It is close to the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road.
  • Easily accessible via the new Fouka Road.
  • Adjacent to Almaza Bay and Fouka Bay.
  • A short distance from Marina Matrouh.
  • Near Marassi North Coast Village.
  • This strategic location ensures residents easy access to all their needs, whether services or recreational facilities, in record time.

Safia North Coast Design

The IL Cazar Real Estate Company has succeeded in introducing an innovative design for Safia North Coast Village, surpassing traditional patterns and adhering to the latest global standards to achieve comfort and happiness for all residents.

The designs are characterized by harmony and coherence among all elements, with green spaces, landscapes, artificial lakes, and services thoughtfully distributed near all residential units, allowing residents to enjoy all facilities at any time.

The company has managed to integrate natural landscapes with residential units in a creative architectural harmony, ensuring privacy by providing adequate spaces between units.

Moreover, the finest materials and finishes have been used, making Safia Village one of the most beautiful villages on the North Coast.

Safia North Coast Space

Safia North Coast Village spans approximately 180 acres, providing ample space for the company to offer a diverse range of residential options that meet the needs of different customers.

The company has focused on designing various residential units, including chalets and villas, ranging from small to large sizes, ensuring the satisfaction of a large number of customers in Safia North Coast. This diversity provides them with peace of mind and complete satisfaction during their stay in the project.

Prices of Safia North Coast

The IL Cazar Real Estate Development Company offers customers and investors the opportunity to own their dream units in Safia Village, North Coast, at competitive prices that align with the luxurious features available in the project.

Through these prices, the company aims to meet the aspirations of customers looking to purchase units in one of the best villages on the North Coast, while providing the best possible value for money.

Seize the opportunity now and own your luxurious apartment in Safia Village, North Coast, where elegance and comfort meet on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. For reservations and inquiries, please call 00201011564040 .

Payment Plans

The IL Cazar Real Estate Development Company has introduced flexible payment and settlement methods in the Safia Village project on the North Coast, aimed at avoiding any financial difficulties that customers may encounter during the purchasing process.

These systems are characterized by starting with a low down payment, with the possibility of installment of the remaining amount over several years, making the purchasing process easier and smoother for customers.

Don’t miss the opportunity now to own your luxurious residential unit in Safia Village, North Coast, and enjoy luxury and tranquility on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Call now on 00201011564040 for reservations and inquiries.

Services and facilities at Saifa North Coast

The Safia North Coast project offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services aimed at achieving the highest levels of comfort and luxury for residents, some of the prominent facilities and services include:

  • Private Beaches: The village provides private beaches equipped with all services to offer residents an ideal beach experience.
  • Swimming Pools: The village includes a variety of swimming pools suitable for all ages, including pools for children and adults.
  • Recreational Areas: There are designated areas for entertainment including multi-purpose sports courts, health clubs, and gyms equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: The project features a range of restaurants and cafes offering delicious dishes and beverages to cater to various tastes.
  • Shopping Centers: Commercial centers are available within the village to meet residents’ daily shopping needs and provide all necessities.
  • Security: The project boasts a comprehensive security system around the clock to ensure the safety and security of residents, in addition to security services and surveillance cameras.
  • Green Spaces: The project is designed to include extensive green spaces and beautiful gardens that create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.
  • Social Clubs: Equipped social clubs are available to host various social events and activities.
  • Medical Services: Medical centers and pharmacies are available in the village to provide emergency healthcare and basic medical services.
  • Children’s Facilities: The village includes safe and equipped play areas for children, as well as nurseries and schools.

These facilities and services make Safia North Coast an ideal place for living and recreation, where residents find everything they need for comfort and entertainment within the project.

Advantages of purchasing in Safia Resort North Coast

  • Purchasing a unit in the Safia North Coast project is an exceptional opportunity that must be seized.
  • IL Cazar Real Estate Development Company has provided all the features that meet the desires of customers, whether they are seeking investment or to enjoy the stunning seaside atmosphere. Some of the project’s standout features include:
  • Reputable Real Estate Developer: Dealing with a reputable real estate developer like IL Cazar is crucial for success.
  • The company boasts extensive experience and a strong track record in the Egyptian real estate market.
  • Strategic Location: Safia Village is situated in a prime location in the North Coast, facilitating easy access to vibrant and renowned areas.
  • Modern Architectural Design: The project features modern architectural designs inspired by European styles, with the company enlisting top designers and architects to achieve this.
  • Variety of Spaces: Residential unit spaces in Safia project vary to meet the needs and tastes of a wide range of customers.
  • Competitive Prices: Units are offered at competitive prices that align with the project’s features.
  • Flexible Payment Systems: The project offers easy payment options to facilitate customers in purchasing desired units.
  • Comprehensive Facilities and Services: The project includes integrated service and recreational facilities to ensure residents enjoy the highest levels of comfort and luxury.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity now and reserve your luxurious residential unit in Safia North Coast.

Enjoy the breathtaking views and outstanding services on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Contact us now at 00201011564040 for more information.

Safia North Coast Disadvantages

It’s worth mentioning that any remarks or criticisms regarding the Safia Ras El Hikma do not diminish its investment value but rather reflect the diversity of tastes and needs among customers.

One of the main drawbacks of Safia North Coast Village is that some customers consider the distance to the North Coast relatively long. For more details and customer opinions regarding the issues of Safia North Coast, please contact us at 00201011564040 .

However, it can be noted that the Egyptian government has implemented an advanced network of roads and axes that contribute to connecting the North Coast with other areas quickly and efficiently, reducing travel time and making access to the project easier.

 About IL Cazar Development

The IL Cazar Real Estate Development Company is one of the major players in the Egyptian real estate market. Established in 1960 by Mr. Helmi Khazam, it was previously known as “Khazam Real Estate” before rebranding to ” IL Cazar Real Estate.”

Over its long years in the field, the company has achieved numerous notable accomplishments in various areas, helping it build a strong reputation and wide fame.

IL Cazar is committed to adopting the latest trends and developments in the real estate market to provide the best services and solutions to its clients, in line with the state’s vision to achieve urban renaissance in new cities.

Some of the prominent projects of IL Cazar Real Estate Development Company include:

  • The Crest in New Cairo
  • Stouda in Sheraton
  • Creek Town in New Cairo
  • Nord in New Alamein
  • IL Cazar in New Cairo
  • Jo Heliopolis in New Cairo

Through these projects, IL Cazar reaffirms its position as a leading company in delivering integrated residential projects that combine modernity and quality to meet the diverse market needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a resident of Safia North Coast Village, enjoy the breathtaking views and fresh air on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Call now at 00201011564040 for reservations and inquiries.

Project details

Cazár Real Estate Development Company.

It is located at kilometer 185 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

It spans across 180 acres.


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