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Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman represents one of the most luxurious real estate projects in the North Coast. This village is a living example of coastal luxury and enjoyment.

Located in the heart of the beautiful coastal area, it is an initiative by Mountain View Developments, a leading company in construction and development in Egypt.

Plage Village stands out with its unique designs and upscale architecture, making it an ideal destination for those seeking luxury and comfort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can enjoy a perfect stay in one of the most beautiful villages in the North Coast by contacting us at 00201011564040

This village is not just an ordinary real estate project; it embodies the dreams and aspirations of many individuals seeking to live in a luxurious and distinctive environment.

With a wide range of residential units, from luxurious chalets to deluxe villas, Blage Village offers an exceptional lifestyle that combines luxury with the stunning nature of the region.

What also distinguishes this project is the provision of a variety of services and recreational facilities, making living in it an unforgettable experience.

From luxurious swimming pools to vibrant commercial areas, Blaj Village provides residents with everything they need to live happily and comfortably.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore the exceptional opportunities and experiences offered by plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Village, and how this luxurious village embodies the concept of the perfect coastal life.

Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman بلاج سيدي عبدالرحمن

Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Location

When Mountain View Real Estate Company plans to develop any new project, it selects its locations very carefully to enhance the chances of the project’s success.

Therefore, the site for the Plage Mountain View village in Sidi Abdel Rahman was chosen with great care, as it is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the North Coast.

This area is characterized by its clear, stunning blue waters, in addition to its world-class beaches with soft sand.

 Owning a unit in Plage Mountain View Sidi Abdel Rahman ensures owners a joyful and happy experience.

The village’s location is easily accessible due to its proximity to the beginning of the North Coast.

Moreover, the village is close to a range of recreational services and necessary facilities, meeting all the residents’ needs.

The strategic location of the village allows easy access from various main routes and roads.

Neighboring Locations to Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast:

  • Its proximity to New Alamein City and Alamein Airport.
  • Located near the new Fouka Road.
  • A short distance from the Ras El Hikma area.
  • Accessible via the International Coastal Road.
  • Close to Marassi.
  • Near Sidi Heneish and Marsa Matrouh.
  • The project is close to Wadi El Natrun.
  • It takes about 3 hours to reach the project from Cairo.

You can find out all the details about Plage North Coast Resort by contacting the number 00201011564040 and enjoy a distinguished stay close to all the main roads.

Design of Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman

Mountain View projects are renowned for their unique architectural designs, with the company focusing on providing all the elements that ensure the happiness and well-being of residents.

The company enlisted the best designers and architects who excelled in designing Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman village on the North Coast according to the latest international standards.

These designs are characterized by precision and beauty, similar to the finest global and European resorts, reflecting a wonderful harmony between the buildings and the surrounding breathtaking landscapes. Mountain View also ensured the provision of vast green spaces surrounding the buildings from all sides, offering residents comfortable panoramic views at all times.

The company also made sure to provide sufficient distances between buildings to ensure complete privacy for residents, in addition to creating wide roads to facilitate the movement of cars and prevent congestion.

The best materials and finishes were used in constructing Plage Mountain View village to ensure the quality and sustainability of the buildings throughout the year.

Seize the opportunity to own a distinguished villa in the heart of the North Coast with a design that grants you happiness, comfort, and luxury. Just contact us at 00201011564040.

Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman’s Space

Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Village by Mountain View was constructed on a vast area of approximately 450 acres.

 This extensive space provided Mountain View Real Estate Company with the opportunity to optimally utilize the area to achieve a significant diversity in residential units.

The company continuously monitors the real estate market studies to determine customer needs and provide the spaces they seek.

 Mountain View is dedicated to offering a variety of units, including beach houses and villas, designed in different sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, whether they prefer large or small spaces. This strategy significantly contributes to enhancing the residents’ psychological comfort and meeting their expectations.

Plage Sidi Abd elrahman بلاج سيدي عبدالرحمن

Prices of plage Sidi Abd Elrahman

Mountain View Real Estate Company offers residential units in Blaj Sidi Abdel Rahman village on the North Coast at competitive prices aimed at facilitating the purchasing process for customers and reducing financial burdens.

The company offers special prices per square meter, positively affecting the overall cost of the units, making them affordable for a wide range of customers.

These prices are among the best in the region and are in line with the many features offered by the village.

Unit prices in Blaj Mountain View Sidi Abdel Rahman village start at approximately 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an attractive option for those interested in investment or enjoying a distinctive residence on the North Coast.

Do not hesitate to seize this unparalleled opportunity and book your own chalet to enjoy a stay on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in the area of Sidi Abdel Rahman, with its clear waters and soft white sands. For reservations, call 00201011564040

Payment Plans

Mountain View Real Estate Company has facilitated the process of purchasing units in plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Village in the North Coast by providing special reservation and installment systems.

In line with current developments in the real estate market, these systems enable customers to pay the unit price with flexibility and ease. They can pay only a 5% down payment, with the remaining amount to be paid over a period of up to 9 years.

These steps are part of the company’s strategy to facilitate the purchasing process for customers and provide comfortable financial solutions that meet their needs. Reserve your own chalet in plage Sidi Abdel Rahman by contacting us at 00201011564040.

Plage Sidi Abd elrahman بلاج سيدي عبدالرحمن

Services and facilities at plage Sidi Abd Elrahman

Mountain View Real Estate company is working on providing all the necessary facilities and entertainment services to ensure the happiness and comfort of residents in Plage El Sahel Village, in the North Coast.

You will find that these facilities are distributed in a way that allows quick and easy access from all units, enhancing the psychological comfort of the residents. The following are the highlighted services and facilities provided by the village:

  • Swimming pools: The village features high-quality swimming pools that meet the needs of residents seeking relaxation and leisure.
  • Green spaces: The village includes gardens and green areas that are ideal for recreational and social activities.
  • Restaurants and cafés: A variety of restaurants and cafés offer the best food and beverages for residents.
  • Commercial area: The village has an integrated commercial area to easily meet all the needs of the residents.
  • Car parks: Dedicated parking areas are provided to prevent congestion in front of the units.
  • Sports courts: The village has multiple sports clubs for practicing various sports and activities.
  • Running and cycling tracks: Dedicated tracks are available for running and cycling, encouraging residents to pursue these hobbies.
  • Health club: The village’s health club offers spa, sauna, and jacuzzi services for the residents.
  • Clubhouse: The clubhouse provides a range of entertainment and leisure facilities for all residents.
  • Medical area: Comprehensive and highest-level medical care is available within the village.
  • Security and guarding: Security and guarding services operate 24/7 to ensure the safety of the residents.
  • Aqua Park: The village includes a fun aqua park suitable for the whole family.
  • Safety factors: Firefighting systems and power generators ensure the safety of the residents.
  • Maintenance and cleanliness: Maintenance and cleanliness teams work continuously to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of the facilities.

These advantages make Blaj Sidi Abdel Rahman Village an ideal destination for living and enjoying all the comforts and entertainment. For reservations and details, please contact 00201011564040

Advantages of purchasing in plage Sidi Abdel Rahman village

The advantages of buying in plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Village are as follows:

  • Sustainability: The village is designed with sustainability in mind, making it suitable for year-round living.
  • Strategic location: Mountain View carefully selected the project’s location to ensure the convenience and happiness of all residents. It is situated in a prime area in the North Coast.
  • Luxurious architectural design: Plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Village features luxurious European-style architectural designs executed by renowned architects, ensuring it stands out as one of the most beautiful villages in the region.
  • Diverse unit sizes: Mountain View offers a variety of units with different sizes to meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers, while ensuring options that suit all tastes.
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment plans: The units are offered at competitive prices with flexible payment options, making it easier for customers to reserve and finance their purchases.
  • Integrated facilities: Plage El Sahel Village boasts a wide range of service and recreational facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for residents around the clock.

These advantages make Plage Mountain View Sidi Abdel Rahman Village an ideal destination that caters to the aspirations and needs of various customers. Call now to reserve your own unit in one of the finest villages in Sidi Abdel Rahman at 00201011564040.

Disadvantages of plage Sidi Abdel Rahman village

It is difficult to find any drawbacks in the plage Sidi Abdel Rahman Mountain View resort in the North Coast.

This is because Mountain View, with its extensive experience, has taken great care to meet all customer needs and ensure an exceptional experience.

The company has paid meticulous attention to detail in order to provide an exceptional residential environment for the residents, making this resort one of the best destinations in the North Coast.

For more details about customer reviews, please contact 00201011564040.

About Mountain View development

Mountain View

Mountain View Developments is one of the leading and most renowned real estate companies in Egypt. Founded in 2005, the company has since implemented a wide range of residential and coastal projects according to the highest international standards. Through its projects, Mountain View aims to provide real estate units that fulfill the ambitions of customers, especially those seeking luxury and happiness.

The company relies on a team of top experts and professionals in the real estate field, focusing on building modern and sustainable communities that provide residents with all the requirements of contemporary life. This has earned them a leading position in the Egyptian real estate market.

Projects by Mountain View Developments include:

  • Alfa Mountain View Compound in Future City.
  • Mountain View October Compound.
  • Mountain View iCity Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • La Vida Mountain View Village in the North Coast.
  • Rhodes Island Village on the North Coast.
  • Mountain View Village in Ain Sokhna.

These projects reflect Mountain View’s commitment to providing the best real estate solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers and ensure a distinctive living experience. To make a reservation, please contact 00201011564040 

Project details

Mountain View Developments.


450 acres.

Contact us at 00201011564040 for reservations and inquiries.


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