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Information about Nile Business City new capital

Nile Business City tower is the second-highest peak in the New Capital, launched by Nile for Real Estate Development and Investment Company. Nile Business City is a skyscraper that has been classified as the third tallest tower on the continent of Africa, the highest vertical city in the continent of Africa, and the highest twin tower in Africa.

Nile Business City New Capital 4
نايل بيزنس سيتي

Nile Development Company offers this tower a full view of the golden point in New Capital and a direct interface with the Green River (The largest public park in the world). It occupies a 200-meter-wide frontage on the Green River, and its total building space exceeds the Iconic Tower. 

The following are the most important details about this distinguished edifice.

Nile Business City Location

Nile Business City new capital is located in the Down Town area, it is located specifically in the area MU-32. It was designed with a direct facade on the Green River of about 200 m and it has a distinctive and wonderful view of 80% of the New Capital’s landmarks. 

Nile Business City New Capital 3
نايل بيزنس سيتي

Nile Business City Tower is distinguished by its location in a very vital area in the New Capital, the highest-hanging walkway in Africa, and the largest restaurant complex. it is located near many neighborhoods and main roads, as it is located near the following:

  • Monorail train.
  • Parliament.
  • Bin Zayed Axis (The largest axis in the New Capital, with a width of 24 meters).
  • Ring road.
  • The central district of the new capital.
  • Business and financial district.
  • the airport.
  • Diplomatic district.
  • Al Masa Hotel in the New Capital.

This huge tower is only a few minutes away from the most important landmarks of the New Administrative Capital. For example:

  • It is located away from the new museum, the mosque of Egypt, and the cathedral, Massa Hotel is only one minute away.
  • It is only three minutes away from People’s Square, the prime minister, the central bank, the interchange station, and the city of arts, Both the financial district and the government district.

Nile Business City Space & Design

Nile Business City New Capital project is characterized by a huge area and a very wonderful design that qualified it to be the best investment project in the New Capital City.

Nile Business City Space

Nile Business City space project is 7.8 acres, and its height reaches 233 m. It is called the highest peak in the new capital after the iconic tower, it is also distinguished by that it’s built on the largest area in the tourist bar. Nile Business City Tower is located precisely in the middle of the tourist bar, to stand out from the rest of the projects surrounding it with its huge height.

The total built-up area of Nile Business Tower project is equivalent to the area of an entire city located on an area of 70.5 acres, as the built-up area of Nile City is 296 thousand square meters, which is the largest area in Egypt that exceeds the area of the iconic tower,

Nile Business Tower includes 56 floors. It contains 3 podium floors and 50 floors at the top, and it also contains a garage that occupies the top of the list of the largest garages in Egypt, as it consists of 5 floors with a capacity of 5000 cars.

The building was also designed to include both the ground floor and the first floors till the 4th floor the commercial units in the project, and to include the rest of the floors, all the administrative units of the project.

The engineering design of the mall has been developed to include a group of shops, medical clinics, and administrative offices. Nile Business City also includes several hotel apartments with a distinctive view of the charming landscape.

Nile Development provides all the units in Nile Business City Tower with super luxe finishing with air conditioning, except shops, which are delivered with a semi-finished level. And the hotel units in Nile Business City new capital are fully delivered with furniture, air conditioners, and services.

Nile Business City Units Spaces and Prices

The spaces offered in nile business tower vary between small and large units so that each investor can easily find what suits him. The prices in the tower also vary according to location and the type of unit. 

Among the areas and prices of Nile Business City are the following:

  • The units’ spaces in the mall start from 45 square meters.
  • The price per meter of the administrative units starts from 119,000 EGP.
  • The price per commercial meter starts from 225,000 EGP.

Nile Business City Services and Features

In line with this huge construction project offered by the company, Nile Real Estate was keen to present its project in the best way, supported by the best facilities and services. And we can summarize these services as follows:

  • Supporting the building with 40 elevators, along with a set of escalators.
  • Support the entire building with central air conditioning.
  • Providing the tower with high-speed internet.
  • Nile Business Tower contains the highest hanging track dedicated to walking in Africa.
  • Nile Business City includes two full floors that operate on the electromechanical system (the system for detecting faults and controlling remote maintenance through a specialized control room).
  • Nile Business City New Capital has an impressive and attractive view, as it is surrounded by wide green areas.
  • The tower includes a cinema hall, which is the largest in the New Capital and works with the latest advanced technologies.
  • Nile Business City has a group of cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious drinks and local & international dishes.
  • The mall contains the most famous brands and international brands in one place.
  • Allocating large halls in the building for major conferences and meetings, equipped with the latest technological devices.
  • Dedicated halls with a unique design and an impressive terrace to receive VIP visitors.
  • This huge entity receives the largest labor force in Egypt, as it is equipped to accommodate 24,760 employees per day.
  • The tower provides the highest levels of security and safety, through a tight security system that includes a group of the latest high-resolution surveillance cameras and highly trained security personnel 24 hours a day.
  • continuedly maintenance of all parts of the mall, including plumbing, carpentry, and hygiene on a daily way.
  • Independent and sufficient electricity generators to ensure continuity of operation throughout the day.
  • A dedicated area for children (Kids Area).
  • Automated teller machines are located throughout the mall.
  • A mosque designed in a modern style for prayer.

Nile Business City Hotel Units

And in a clear response to those who want to invest in hotels in the new capital, Nile Company recently announced the allocation of several floors of one of Nile Business City tower as luxury hotel units, Offering the best hotel services in this huge project, this is to guarantee the idea of the comprehensiveness of the project, as it represents an integrated vertical city in one edifice.

nile business city hotel
نايل بيزنس سيتي العاصمة الإدارية

If you are looking for hotel apartments or hotel units distinguished in the new capital, do not stray your mind from the largest project in the New Capital in terms of size and quality. And make Nile Business City your primary destination for investing in the finest hotel units in the New Capital City.

Investment Advantages in Nile Business City

Nile Business City New Capital project has many features that made it the most eligible project to attract investments in the New Capital, this is due to the advantages of commercial investment that investors enjoy in it. Which include the following:

  • Location: It is located in the most exclusive location in the New Capital, specifically in the middle and center of the Down Town area in the tourist bar.
  • Area: The total built-up area of Nile Business City is 296,000 square meters, with approximately 30,000 employees working under the roof of each of its four towers.
  • Commercial space: Nile Business City occupies the largest among all commercial projects overlooking the Bin Zayed axis, with an area of 15,000 square meters.
  • Corridors: The project is characterized by remarkably wide and large corridors that facilitate movement between the commercial units in the mall.
  • Entrances: The project was designed with three main entrances to each tower to suit the large size of the project.
  • Elevators: The project contains 16 elevators for each tower separately to accommodate the number of visitors, residents, and workers on this huge project.

Nile Business City Payment Systems

There are many systems provided by Nile and Al-Ahram Development to clients in Nile Business City New Capital because the company was keen to reach the largest number of customers through those available systems, including the following:

  • Paying 20% down payment and the rest amount in installments up to 8 years.

Just with a start of a 10% down payment, you can choose your installment system at Nile Business City Mall, where the company launches for its customers with a range of payment systems for up to 8 years without any interest, so seize the opportunity and choose what suits you and reserve your private place in Nile Business Tower.

One of the most important advantages of investing in Nile Business City New Capital

is the location of the mall, as it is located in the Downtown area and features a view of the Green River, which has been dubbed the lifeline of the New Capital. It is also considered one of the advantages of investing in Nile Business City is that it embraces more than one sector, including commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel accommodation.

Advantages of administrative offices in Nile Business City

  1. A special view on Central Park, Gardens, Presidential Palace, People’s Square, Banks, and Ministries with an infinity View.
  2. Nile End-user 100%:

Through this system, the customer has the right to operate with the company, and if it is not operated for a period ranging from one to 3 months, the operating manager company intervenes and leases the unit to the investor at the highest value in the real estate market, and just deducting 20% management fees.

These administrative units which enjoy the user system are located in Nile Business City Tower starting from the fifth floor to the 39th floor. As well as from the fortieth floor to the forty-eighth floor.

  1. Fixed payment systems
  • 10% down payment and equal installments over 6 years.
  • 15% downpayment and equal installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and equal installments over 8 years.
  • 35% down payment, another 15% payment after 3 years, and the rest in equal installments over 3 years.

Partnership system with Nile Development

The partnership system is an investment system developed by the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Company. And through it, the highest return on investment and the best operational efficiency can be obtained. Through this system, you can buy only 50% of the unit value, and the rest will be in partnership with Nile Real Estate Company.

Through this system, the company bears full responsibility in the event of non-lease, by giving you the choice between the following:

  • Refund of the amount paid, taking into account the interest of the Central Bank.
  • Obtaining your full percentage of the rental return after the period specified in the contract has passed.

Guarantee System

Through this system, the customer can pay a down payment of only 15% of the unit and the rest in installments over the years, with an annual installment increase of 10%. These units, which enjoy the grant system, are located from the 40th floor in Nile Business Tower to the 48th floor. 

Cache system

And through this unique system from Nile Business City New Capital, the cash payment customer gets a huge discount of 75% of the unit value, through it he can pay the full amount and then receives 5 Cheques, which represent a discount rate of 75%, to be redeemed over specific years. Through this system, you can get your unit for a quarter of its value only if you pay the value of the unit in cash immediately. 

Nile Business City Hotel Apartments

In a new global step from Nile Company in the new capital, the company recently revealed its latest phases within the Nile Business City Tower project in the New Capital, which is its launch of the highest hotel in Africa, Specifically, the second tower of the project from the left.

The company decided to allocate this tower for hotel units after a long period of research and study of all successful experiences in various countries in the world. Through this, the company made sure that hotel projects are among the most promising investments. Also, Egypt is one of the Countries in need of increasing the number of hotel units in it. Hence, the company came up with its idea for the new phase within the Nile Business City project in the New Capital. And decided to launch the first phase of the new Tycoon Tower project.

The new phase of Nile Business City is a complete tower that operates with a luxurious 5-star hotel system, With the help of one of the most important hotel operating companies in the world, which manages to operate a hotel for the first time in Egypt and Africa.

This new hotel tower has many features that suit the huge size of this large project. The most important of which are:

  • The hotel enjoys a direct and clear view of the Green River (the largest public park in the world, which extends from the North of the New Capital to the South).
  • The tower is the tallest hotel building in Egypt and Africa, with a height of 233 meters.
  • The hotel units in the project are classified as studios consisting of one, two, or three rooms.
  • The hotel directly overlooks the northern axis of Bin Zayed.

The Nile Company also offered a group of wonderful benefits for those interested in buying hotel apartments in the New Capital in Nile Business City project, by giving them the following privileges:

  • Granting a special discount of 12% when booking hotel units in the project in the first week of the offering.
  • And a 9% discount for bookers in the second week of the offering.
  • As for the bookers in the third week of opening the reservation door for the hotel units, they will enjoy a discount of 5% of the total hotel unit value.
  • The down payment starts from 390,000 EGP only.

The company announced the start date for reserving its units by filling in forms on Sunday, February 12, 2023. And pay an amount to confirm the seriousness of the reservation, which is specified as follows:

  • 50,000 EGP for cash payment or through cheques.
  • 40,000 EGP for bank transfer.
  • These amounts will be refunded in full as they are indicative of the seriousness of the reservation only.
Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Company

Nile Business City New Capital belongs to a major joint stock company with a history of achievements in the real estate market, the Nile and Al-Ahram Company.

The Nile Company and Al-Ahram Real Estate Group were combined into a huge entity and a company called Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development.

The Nile Company started its real estate activity in Egypt in 2002 in Mansoura City, Dakahlia Governorate, Then, in 2016, it moved to the Fifth Settlement in Cairo. Since its establishment, it has implemented 160 projects across the country.

The Nile Company has paid great attention to the new capital. Where it pumped a large percentage of its investments into it, with total investments amounting to approximately 290 billion Egyptian pounds.

The company’s approach to development and sustainability

Nile Company serves a select group of leading and like-minded global institutional investors, and the company seeks to partner with them across strategies, markets, and multiple sectors, as they value its conviction, creativity, and track record of superior performance, as well as the compatibility of interests that come from the company’s keenness to maintain the size of its business from the company’s point of view.

Principles of sustainability and green architecture technology in Nile Business City

Nile Real Estate Development Company relies on its design for its project Nile Business City on achieving the principles of sustainable or green architecture, through adopting environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture, Where the principles of sustainability in architecture take into account the following:

  • Respect for the environment through the rationalization of energy and materials consumption, and resources in architecture.
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts in facilities by enhancing efficiency in the use of both materials and energy.
  • avoid depleting natural resources, this is to ensure its continuity and the right of future generations to it.
  • Designing buildings that rationalize the consumption of water, energy, and natural materials, by re-treating wastewater and using it to irrigate green spaces.
  • Using the latest technologies that automatically save energy used in buildings for refrigeration, air conditioning, and lighting.
Nile Business City Experts and consultants 

In the framework of the implementation of this great edifice, the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Company sought the assistance of the best experts and specialized consultants to contract with them. For the Nile Business City project to be produced in compliance with the international LEED certification standards concerned with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, it is a global rating system for assessing the sustainability of environmentally friendly buildings.

The company invested more than one billion and 200 million EGP to obtain the global LEED certificate. Which requires the fulfillment of more than 80 conditions to obtain it, Where the company is working hard to achieve all these conditions through its new project, Nile Business City Tower.

Among the most important experts and consultants that the company cooperated with are the following:

  • Canadian architectural consultant

It is one of the most prominent architectural offices specializing in building towers and skyscrapers in Dubai.

  • Structural Consultant/ Office of Dr. Asaad Salameh

He is also considered one of the best structural designers of towers and skyscrapers in Dubai. Where he implemented more than 128 projects in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  • ARCHRETE Egyptian architectural rendering and review office

Which won the competition for the best concept in the New Capital.

  • ART line office for interior designs in Egypt
  • Dr. Ahmed Abdel Ghani Consultant Office

He is one of the best specialists in electromechanical technology for skyscrapers and towers in Dubai.

  • CFM CONTRACTK Facilities Management

It is a subsidiary of Orascom to manage the public facilities in the project.

  • KAD Commercial Property Management Company

Which is managing the commercial units of the project.

  • ETQAN Business Development Company

It is one of the best companies specializing in marketing and financial studies

  • Muharram Bakhoum Office for Engineering Consulting ACE Consulting Engineers.

Previous Projects of Nile and Al-Ahram Company

  • Mall 31 North New Capital Tower.
  • It has also developed a group of housing projects in Beit Al-Watan area.
  • In addition to the lotus project.
  • And it served more than a thousand families in the Andalus region and took care of them even after the sales stages.
  • The company has implemented many projects in the northern Al-Rehab area.

After all that success, the company announces a new offering that will be launched for the first time in the New Capital, which is a tower consisting of 50 loft floors on the Green River. Thus, the company presents to its customers the Nile Business City Mall, the first vertical city in the New Capital.

Seize this unique opportunity and contract now, with a comfortable installment, on an investment unit or hotel accommodation with a global interface in the largest projects of the New Capital and the most privileged location in Nile Business Tower.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Nile Development Company

The Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Company is one of the largest Real Estate development companies in the Egyptian market, which includes a group of the most prominent elites in the Egyptian real estate development market with a long experience in the field. This elite is led by both engineers, Mohamed Taher, and Mahmoud Taher.

Engineer/ Mohamed Taher

Engineer Mohamed Taher chairs the Board of Directors of the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Company. He is an innovative and strategic leader who always strives to focus on incorporating the best innovative methods, technology integration, and sustainable practices to contribute to the development of the company.

mohamed taher 2023
mohamed taher

Engineer Mohamed Taher highly appreciates the trust of his clients. And always strives to exceed their expectations for the best. He has professional experience in the Egyptian real estate market for more than 25 years.

CEO Mohamed Taher graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, at Mansoura University. He is known for his constant love of being informed of all that is new in the world of construction and real estate. And adopts the latest and best international and local practices in the field, which helps him to develop many innovative concepts in the designs of various projects.

Mr/ Mahmoud Taher

Mr. Mahmoud Taher is the Executive Director of the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Company. He is a forward-looking and passionate leader. He has the drive and determination to succeed in the work he undertakes to generate sustainable institutional growth.

Mr. Mahmoud Taher occupies many honorable positions, He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Investment Division in the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce. and a member of the company’s board of directors, And treasurer of the New Cairo Developers Association and the New Capital.

Chief Executive Officer Mahmoud Taher mainly contributes to setting the right management vision. This reinforces the importance of managers’ commitment to always support the company’s business transformation initiatives for the better.


And as a reflection of those innovative visions that the members of the Board of Directors seek to achieve, the company announced its new launch, which will be launched for the first time in the New Capital, the Nile Business City Tower, in the most prominent locations of the capital, in the Downtown Center on the Green River, which is the first vertical city in the New Capital.

Information about the new capital

The new capital results from the Egyptian government’s efforts to attract foreign investments inside Egypt. It was established by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Decree No. 57 of 2016, who announced its establishment during the Egyptian Economic Support and Development Conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh from 13 to 15 March 2015.

The total area of the New Capital is approximately 170,000 acres (688 square kilometers). The new capital is equivalent to the size of the state of Singapore and four times the size of the city of Washington in the United States of America.

The New Capital is located east of Cairo, at a distance of approximately 60 km. It is also 65 kilometers away from the city of Suez. The government has planned for the city so that it will be able to accommodate approximately 6.5 million people after the completion of the city’s construction in full.

The New Capital is one of the most important public national projects that the Egyptian government has clearly announced its explicit direction is to support and amplify the size of the Egyptian economy through its establishment. It is a historic turning point in Egypt’s current history to bring together major companies to invest in.

The government estimated the total cost of establishing the new capital at about $45 billion. So that it takes 7 years to build, It includes a presidential palace, ministries, and government agencies, In addition to a special neighborhood for embassies and consulates, As well as the inclusion of many residential projects in it, so that its construction includes 1.1 million housing units. And 40 thousand hotel rooms to accommodate more than 5 million people.

take your chance now, and contract with a comfortable installment on your unit in a tower that enjoys the best global destinations, and is located in the most exclusive locations in the New Capital.

Contact us now at 00201011564040, and one of our sales managers will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all information about Nile Business City.


Project details

The price per meter in Nile Business City starts from 119,000 pounds.

Reservations and installments in Nile Business City start with a 20% down payment and up to 8 years.

The company that owns the Nile Business City project is Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Company.

Nile Business City area 7.8 acres, And its height is 233 m.

Units in the Nile Business City project

Shops , Medical Clinics , administrative Offices , Hotel Appartments .

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