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New Alamein Towers represent a significant turning point in the world of real estate development in Egypt. These towers stand as one of the most unique landmarks in New Alamein City, distinguished by their modern design and towering height, making them an ideal destination for living and investment.

City Edge, the owner of the North Edge Towers project in New Alamein, offers chalets, apartments, and units for sale at highly competitive prices. Owning and reserving a unit in the New Alamein Towers is considered a golden, unmissable opportunity.

We will reveal the details of this project and its key features that make it an ideal destination for those seeking luxury and quality in Egypt.

Location of New Alamein Towers

The North Edge Towers in New Alamein boast a strategic location that enhances the project’s value and attracts substantial investments. City Edge chose the location with meticulous attention to meet clients’ expectations. The site’s selection was made by real estate experts, making it close to many significant and strategic landmarks, including:

  • The North Edge Towers are near the Heritage City.
  • The project is very close to Alamein Lake and the residential district.
  • The project is just a few minutes away from the Conference Center.
  • Only a few minutes separate the large library and the Conference Center.
  • The project is approximately 54 kilometers from Alamein Airport.
  • The distance between the North Edge Towers and Borg El Arab Airport is about 89 kilometers.
  • The North Edge Towers are about 261 kilometers from Cairo.
  • Alexandria is about 107 kilometers away from the project.
  • The North Edge Towers are near several important roads, such as the Alamein Road, Wadi El Natrun Road, and the International Coastal Road.
  • The project is very close to the Military Museum in New Alamein, North Coast.
  • The project is near the tourist walkway, the first public corniche in the New Alamein area.
  • The North Edge Towers are opposite a high-end entertainment area.
  • The project is close to Alamein Gardens.
  • The North Edge Towers are near the Al Masa Hotel.

These factors combine the ideal location with advanced infrastructure, making the North Edge Towers a distinguished destination for living and investment.


Design of the North Edge Towers, New Alamein

City Edge Real Estate Development has been committed to creating a distinguished and unique project in Alamein and throughout Egypt. To achieve this goal, the company collaborated with top designers and architects in Egypt to construct five skyscrapers, each consisting of 40 floors. These towers are the first of their kind in Egypt in terms of their innovative shape and design.

The company focused on providing a unique residential experience for its clients, featuring stunning views of green spaces and beautiful natural landscapes. Additionally, the company ensured that the external facades of the project are luxurious and elegant, reflecting the beauty of the interior design. These facades aim to enhance the visual appeal of the towers, making them a prominent landmark in New Alamein City.

Alamein Tower Height

The Alamein Towers stand out today as an exceptional project within Alamein City and across Egypt.

Under the direction of City Edge Real Estate Development, this project has been designed on new real estate principles focusing on luxury and maximizing the aesthetic appeal of the buildings.

The New Alamein Towers are notable for their impressive height, reaching up to 100 meters and consisting of approximately 40 floors.

Variety of Units and Services

The Alamein Towers offer a wide range of units, including hotel, commercial, and office spaces, as well as retail shops and a hypermarket. The towers provide all essential and recreational services to meet the residents’ needs, creating a comprehensive living environment.

Strategic Location

The Alamein Towers are strategically located at kilometer 21 of the coastal road in Alexandria, making them a prime spot for living and investment. In addition to the services available within the project, residents can benefit from other amenities in the surrounding area.

Therefore, the New Alamein Towers represent a unique blend of towering height, variety in units, and strategic location, making them an ideal destination for living and investment in Egypt.

The North Edge Towers Project, New Alamein space

The project spans a vast area of 200 acres, reflecting City Edge’s vision of offering a large number of residential units while ensuring the necessary privacy for each client.

Choosing a large area for the project aims to provide the highest levels of enjoyment and luxury for residents, allowing them to enjoy the available services and facilities year-round.

The company ensured that the North Edge Towers are distinguished by their modern designs, inspired by the latest global towers, particularly those in Dubai.

City Edge aimed to provide residential units that can be lived in all year round, with careful consideration of all needs and services to guarantee a comfortable and distinguished living experience.

In summary, the North Edge Towers combine innovative modern design with expansive spaces, making them an ideal destination for living and investment in Egypt.

spaces and Types of Units in the North Edge Towers, Alamein

City Edge Real Estate Development has offered a diverse range of residential units in the North Edge Towers project in Alamein. The project includes 230 residential units distributed across five towers with distinguished interior and exterior designs.

Types of Units and Their Sizes:


  • Apartment spaces range from 49 square meters to 387 square meters.
  • One-bedroom apartments start at 50 square meters.
  • Two-bedroom apartments range from 115 square meters to 171 square meters.
  • Three-bedroom apartments start at 181 square meters.


  • Chalet spaces range from 183 square meters to 351 square meters.

Large Units:

  • Units range from 351 square meters to 375 square meters and include four bedrooms.

Each unit features a unique and distinguished design, making the North Edge Towers project an ideal choice for living and investment. The project caters to various client needs, offering a comfortable and luxurious residential experience. For more details and bookings, contact us now at 00201011564040.


Prices of the New Alamein Towers

The North Edge Towers in New Alamein offer a variety of luxurious residential units at prices that reflect the quality of design and the prime location. The prices vary based on the size of the unit and the number of bedrooms, providing multiple options for clients. Here is an overview of the prices for the New Alamein Towers:

One-Bedroom Units:

  • Prices range from 18 million to 26 million EGP.

Two-Bedroom Units:

  • Prices range from 29 million to 35 million EGP.

Three-Bedroom Units:

  • Prices range from 37 million to 70 million EGP.

The prices of the New Alamein Towers reflect the high-quality construction, strategic location, and luxurious design offered by City Edge in the North Edge Towers project. This makes them one of the best options for living and investment in the region.

Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity. Book now and enjoy luxurious living in the Alamein Towers. Contact us at 00201011564040 to reserve your unit before it’s too late.

Payment and Installment Plans

City Edge Real Estate Development provides flexible and diverse options for payment systems in the North Edge Towers project in Alamein, making it easier for customers to own their luxurious units.

The payment systems start with a down payment of only 5% of the unit’s value, with the possibility of installment over multiple time periods to suit the needs of different customers. Customers can choose the suitable payment plan from the following periods:

  • 3 years
  • 5 years
  • 7 years
  • 10 years

These flexible options ensure comfort and ease for customers, making investment in the North Edge Towers project accessible and convenient for a wide range of buyers.

Take advantage of the available opportunity now and reserve your unit in the Alamein Towers. Call now at 00201011564040 and secure your place in this wonderful project.

Services and Facilities of the New Alamein North Edge Towers

New Alamein North Edge Towers offer a comprehensive range of services and facilities aimed at providing the highest levels of comfort and luxury for its residents.

These facilities are designed to meet all daily needs and provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Here is an overview of some of the available services and facilities:

  • Scenic Gardens and Landscapes: Surrounding the towers, providing a tranquil and comfortable environment for residents.
  • Variety of Swimming Pools: Catering to all ages, including pools for children.
  • Fitness Club: Equipped with the latest sports equipment and fitness facilities.
  • Safe and Equipped Play Areas: For children, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime.
  • Diverse Range of Restaurants and Cafes: Offering delicious dishes and beverages.
  • Shopping Centers: Featuring a variety of stores meeting all residents’ shopping needs.
  • Integrated Security System: Operating 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of residents.
  • Spacious and Organized Parking: Providing convenience for residents and visitors.
  • Specialized Maintenance Teams: Working around the clock to ensure the efficient operation of all facilities.
  • Walking and Jogging Tracks: Amidst nature, providing opportunities for outdoor activities.

These services and facilities ensure a luxurious and comfortable residential experience for the residents of the North Edge Towers, making it one of the best choices for living and investment in the area. For reservations, call 00201011564040.


Advantages of owning a unit in New Alamein City

Owning a residential unit in New Alamein City offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive choice for living and investment.

Prime Strategic Location:

New Alamein City is situated on the northern coast of Egypt, providing stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and easy access to various tourist destinations.

Modern and Innovative Design:

The city features residential projects designed with the latest architectural styles, offering luxurious and comfortable living environments.

Integrated Community:

The city provides all the modern living essentials, including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes, making it an ideal environment for year-round living, not just during vacations.

Advanced Infrastructure:

The city boasts advanced infrastructure, including wide road networks, modern public facilities, and comprehensive services catering to the daily needs of residents.

Diverse Recreational Facilities:

Residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as sports clubs, swimming pools, green spaces, and walking and jogging tracks, enhancing the quality of life.

Investment Opportunities:

Due to the continuous growth in demand for real estate in New Alamein City, residential units in the city represent an excellent investment opportunity with expectations of future value appreciation.

Flexible Payment Plans:

Projects in the city, like North Edge Towers, offer flexible payment plans, making the process of purchasing residential units more convenient and accessible.

Secure Environment:

The city provides a high level of security with integrated security systems operating around the clock, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of residents.

New Alamein City possesses all the features that make it one of the best destinations for living and investing in Egypt, combining the ideal location, modern design, and integrated facilities to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for residents. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this unique opportunity; book your unit now and be part of the luxury living experience in New Alamein Towers. Contact us now at the following number 00201011564040


Disadvantage of New Alamein Towers

Despite being an excellent destination for living and investing in Egypt, the New Alamein Towers project does have a few drawbacks, among these are:

Increased Competition: The New Alamein Towers project may face increased competition from buyers seeking units due to its competitive pricing and multiple amenities.

However, despite these minor drawbacks, the New Alamein Towers remain one of the best choices for living and investing in Egypt. With its strategic location, luxurious design, and integrated services, it remains a desirable destination for buyers.

City Edge for Real Estate Development

City Edge for Real Estate Development, the main developer behind the New Alamein Towers project, was established in 2017 as a partnership between the Housing and Development Bank and the New Urban Communities Authority.

The aim of this partnership was to establish a leading real estate development company in the Egyptian market, and City Edge has successfully achieved this goal. Each year, it is ranked as one of the best companies in Egypt in the field of real estate development.

City Edge has achieved this success through a clear plan and a solid strategy focused on providing unique residential experiences and redefining the meaning of residential life. The company is committed to developing multi-use projects that meet the needs of the modern Egyptian market.

Some of the company’s previous projects include:

  • Downtown New Alamein City
  • Marassi New Alamein City
  • Argan New Administrative Capital
  • Al Maqsad District New Administrative Capital

Thanks to these successful projects, City Edge has strengthened its position as a major force in the Egyptian real estate development sector, offering the best projects that meet the aspirations for living and investing in Egypt.

Project details

Prices for New Alamein Towers start at 18,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Call 00201011564040

It is 100 meters tall.

It starts from kilometer 106 to kilometer 128 on the Alexandria-Matrouh desert road.

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