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Information about Mall Spinner New Capital

Mall Spinner New Capital is a distinguished project situated in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in Egypt.

It serves as an innovative investment and commercial hub in the Hope Axis area of the New Administrative Capital.

This project embodies Radix Development’s vision to provide modern and integrated commercial facilities that cater to the needs of both investors and visitors.

The mall offers diverse commercial spaces and administrative offices, carefully designed to create a luxurious and comfortable working environment. Additionally, it features service facilities and recreational amenities that enhance the visitor experience.

If you need further details or have specific questions about the project, please let me know.

Location of Mall Spinner New Capital

The value of a location is one of the most important factors that enhance the investment and marketing value of any project. Therefore, Radix Real Estate Company carefully selected the location of Mall Spinner New Capital to ensure the success of its units in the best possible way. The mall is located in the MU23 area directly on Al-Amal Axis, ensuring easy access from anywhere within the capital at any time.

This area enjoys high investment value due to its large population density and its proximity to the largest residential neighborhoods, ministries, and government institutions, increasing the chances of investment success in the mall’s units due to the expected high traffic.

Nearby Locations to Mall Spinner New Capital

  • Mall Spinner New Capital is located near the Green River.
  • The mall is a short distance from the Government District and Ministries District.
  • It is a few minutes away from Al Masa Hotel.
  • Spinner Tower, New Administrative Capital, is a few minutes from the Central Park.
  • The mall is very close to Misr Mosque and the Central Park.
  • It is a short distance from the Monorail Station.
  • The mall is easily accessible via Al-Amal Axis.

Design of Mall Spinner New Capital

The unique architectural design is one of the factors that make the working and shopping experience in the mall enjoyable and distinctive.

Therefore, Radix Real Estate Company paid attention to the finest architectural details that add an atmosphere of joy and creativity to the project.

The company collaborated with a group of skilled architectural consultants who excelled in designing Mall Spinner New Capital  to look like a complete architectural masterpiece.

Architectural Details of Mall Spinner 

Exterior Designs: The creativity in the exterior designs is highlighted through the presence of the plaza area and the landscape, which provide comfortable views and contribute to hosting various events and activities.

Interior Designs: The units are distributed harmoniously across the different floors, with adequate spaces provided between the units to maintain customer privacy.

Area of Mall Spinner New Capital

The area of Spinner Tower in the New Administrative Capital is 10,700 square meters. In the company’s effort to utilize this space optimally, the majority of the area has been allocated for essential and recreational services and facilities. The space division is as follows:

The mall consists of 3 underground floors (basement), a ground floor, and 11 repeated upper floors.

Unit Spaces in Mall Spinner New Capital

The ground, first, and second floors are designated for commercial units, while the remaining floors are allocated for administrative offices and clinics. It is worth mentioning that the unit spaces start from 45 square meters.

Prices of Mall Spinner New Capital

Radix Real Estate Company has offered competitive prices for the units in Mall Spinner New Capital , aiming to provide high real estate value at reasonable and accessible prices for clients, Here are the details of the unit prices:

Administrative Offices and Clinics:

The price per square meter for administrative offices and clinics starts from 65,000 EGP.

Commercial Shops:

The price per square meter for commercial shops starts from 110,000 EGP.

Through these prices, Radix seeks to attract a wide range of investors and clients, offering exceptional prices that fit various budgets and provide profitable investment opportunities in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. For booking at introductory prices, contact us now at 00201011564040.

Payment and Installment Plans

Radix Real Estate Company has made it easier for investors to purchase units by reducing the financial burden through convenient payment and installment programs. Booking a unit in Spinner Tower, New Administrative Capital, can be done as follows:

Commercial Units:

The booking deposit for commercial units is 50,000 EGP.

Medical Units:

The booking deposit for medical units is 20,000 EGP.


The company offers convenient installment programs, allowing investors to pay 10% of the total unit value and the rest over a period of up to 7 years, easing the financial burden and making investment more accessible and feasible.

Radix aims to provide flexible financial solutions that enable investors to acquire their units easily and benefit from investment opportunities in Mall Spinner New Capital . To book your unit, contact us now at 00201011564040.

Services and Facilities of Mall Spinner New Capital

Mall Spinner  in the New Administrative Capital offers a wide range of facilities and services to ensure a comfortable and distinguished shopping and working experience for everyone. Here are the key facilities and services:

  • Ground, First, and Second Floors: Modern and well-designed commercial units to accommodate various business activities.
  • Upper Floors: Administrative offices and medical clinics equipped with all necessary services and infrastructure for efficient and comfortable work.
  • Three Underground Floors: Dedicated parking spaces providing ample room for visitors and mall employees.
  • Integrated Security System: Operates round the clock with modern surveillance cameras and trained security personnel to ensure the safety of visitors and investors.
  • Plaza and Landscape Area: Open green spaces for visitors, with designated areas for hosting events and various activities.
  • Diverse Dining Options: A variety of restaurants and cafes offering meals and beverages to suit all tastes, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for visitors.
  • High-Speed Internet: Covers all areas of the mall, ensuring seamless connectivity for offices and commercial units.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Services: Regular maintenance and cleaning services to maintain a clean and comfortable working and business environment.
  • Customer Service Centers: To meet the needs of visitors and address their inquiries effectively.
  • Medical Clinics: Equipped with the latest medical technologies to provide necessary healthcare services to visitors and employees.
  • Advanced HVAC and Lighting Systems: Ensures comfort and efficiency with the latest air conditioning, ventilation, and energy-saving lighting systems.

The facilities and services at Mall Spinner  combine convenience, security, and diversity, making it an ideal destination for shopping, working, and investing. These amenities create an integrated environment that ensures an excellent experience for all visitors and investors. To book your unit at the mall, contact us now at 00201011564040 for reservations and inquiries.


 Investment Advantages of Mall Spinner New Capital

Mall Spinner  in the New Administrative Capital offers numerous advantages that make it a promising investment opportunity. Here are the key benefits of investing in this project:

  • Strategic Location: Situated in MU23 on Al Amal Axis, making it easily accessible from anywhere within the capital.
  • Near Major Areas: Close proximity to the Green River, Government District, and Ministries District, ensuring high foot traffic and visitors.
  • Innovative Architectural Design: Designed in collaboration with top architectural consultants to blend beauty with functionality.
  • Outdoor Plaza and Landscape: Includes Plaza and landscape areas that provide a comfortable and attractive environment for visitors.
  • Harmonious Unit Distribution: Units are evenly distributed across different floors, ensuring adequate space and customer privacy.
  • Diverse Usage: Ground, first, and second floors are dedicated to commercial units, while remaining floors cater to administrative offices and clinics.
  • Event Space: The plaza and landscape area provide ideal spaces for hosting events and activities, enhancing the mall’s appeal and visitor attraction.
  • High Population Density: Located in an area with high population density and close proximity to major government institutions, ensuring a continuous flow of visitors and increased sales.
  • High Demand: Expected high demand for units due to its strategic location and distinctive design.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Equipped with modern infrastructure including all necessary services and facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for customers and investors.

Investing in Mall Spinner New Capital , presents a golden opportunity due to its prime location, outstanding architectural designs, and comprehensive range of services that ensure the project’s success and maximize return on investment. To reserve your unit at the mall, contact us now at 00201011564040

Drawbacks and Challenges of Mall Spinner New Capital

Despite the numerous advantages of Mall Spinner  in the New Administrative Capital, investors and visitors should be aware of potential drawbacks and challenges:

Market Competition: The presence of several large commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital may lead to intense competition, potentially affecting unit occupancy rates if not marketed competitively.

Price Sensitivity: Introducing units at highly competitive prices may lead to rapid unit sales but could also impact long-term profitability if not managed effectively.

Investors and visitors considering Mall Spinner  should carefully weigh these factors alongside its promising investment and commercial opportunities. For more details and reservations at the mall, contact us at 00201011564040.

About Radix Development

Radix Development, a subsidiary of Mowafaq Holding Group, has been a key player in the real estate sector for 65 years, with operations spanning across several Gulf countries, notably Saudi Arabia. The company entered the Egyptian market to capitalize on the significant urban development surge witnessed in recent years.

With extensive expertise in various fields including construction, agriculture, landscaping, and business management, Radix Development has established itself as one of Egypt’s leading real estate firms.

Here are some of Radix Development’s notable projects:

  • Ray Residence Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Radix Ageel Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Several projects in New Cairo, catering to the growing real estate market demands.

Radix Development aims to deliver superior real estate solutions and services through its projects, enhancing its market position and ensuring satisfaction among clients and investors alike. For more details and to reserve a unit in their projects, you can contact them at 00201011564040

Project details

Radix Development.

Prices start at 65,000 Egyptian Pounds per square meter.

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