Cali Coast North Coast

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Cali Coast North Coast
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Cali Coast North Coast project

The American company, Maven, continues its investments in the Egyptian real estate market and offers its customers a unique and unique tourist resort on the most beautiful beaches in Ras El Hikma Bay, North Coast. Cali Coast North Coast is a village directly on the sea at kilo 198 Alexandria Matrouh Road, Green spaces, sandy beaches, charming artificial lakes, A new city launched by the company with European designs, and various tourist units (chalets and villas), Enjoy tranquility, relaxation, and live the most beautiful summer vacation with your family in Cali Coast north coast.

Cali Coast North Coast
Cali Coast North Coast

Cali Coast North Coast is located on the North Coast at kilo 198 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road. Ras El Hikma Bay, North Coast. It is distinguished by its proximity to the new Dabaa and Fouka roads, about 15 km away. In addition to its proximity to the new city of El Alamein, which is the first residential city on the coast. And the well-known Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Space and design of Cali Coast North Coast

The project is built in an area that represents an entire city. Where the company is building and constructing it on 230 acres, The loading and construction ratio is about 13%, The village has a beach front of 600 m. The beach area is 30 acres.

The village includes a group of different tourist units, like chalets, villas, the Twin House, and townhouse, The company left the freedom to choose the level of finishing, Where you can own your unit fully finished and with adaptations or semi-finished.

Services in Cali Coast North Coast

When you want to own your own unit, whether residential or touristic, You must first search for the availability of services in the project in which you invest. In the village of Cali Coast North Coast the company offers a city full of services, amenities, and pleasure for visitors and customers.

Where the company provides you with all the requirements of you and your family in a way that makes you not want to leave the village, Among the services that Cali Coast North Coast enjoys are the sandy beaches, which are paved for swimming. This is one of the advantages of the coasts of Ras al-Hikma Bay, as it is known for its soft sands and calm waves. It is also considered one of the most beautiful beaches that you can find in the entire Mediterranean.

Cali Coast North Coast
Cali Coast North Coast

As for the natural landscapes, they are widely spread in the village. From a water fountain and attractive artificial lakes, the area of these lakes is only about 150,000 square meters. In addition to the huge spaces that were designed as landscapes, green spaces, trees, and rare flowers.

There is also a commercial area in the village that includes many shops and major centers that have the largest brands and international brands. Next to the hypermarket available to you 24 hours a day to fully meet your requirements.

One of the most important features of Cali Coast North Coast is the children’s area. Which includes a range of recreational activities and amusement parks, Besides, it is fully insured for the safety of your children.

There is also a marina and a yacht marina for fishing lovers and for those who wish to practice diving at the hands of skilled instructors.

Among the means of fun and enjoyment are the water games (Aqua Park), which were designed on the beach. There are also a large number of diverse swimming pools, Some of them are for kids only.

Among the available services are paths and walkways designed for running, biking, and walking away from car paths. There is also a medical area, an ambulance, and a pharmacy to serve you throughout the day in Cali Coast North Coast.

The company did not overlook the security aspect and cooperated with the largest security companies to provide a set of security guards and surveillance cameras. It was distributed in every part of the village.

No need to wait, now enjoy all these services. And spend the most beautiful summer vacation on the sea with your family in the village of Kale, Ras El Hikma Bay, North Coast, Create your new memories amid greenery and landscapes and enjoy privacy, tranquility, and sophistication in a unique and distinctive edifice offered to you by Maven Real Estate Development and Investment Company at the lowest prices in Ras El Hikma Bay North Coast

Prices and areas of Cali Coast North Coast

One-room chalets, starting from 70 m, at a price of 1,580,000 pounds.
2-room chalets, with an area, starting from 93 square meters, And its price is 1,900,000 pounds.
3-room chalets from an area of 126 square meters. And its price starts from 2,350,000 pounds.
A chalet of 4 rooms with a terrace of 175 square meters. From the price of 3,150,000 pounds.
Town house space starts At a price of 3,200,000 pounds.
Twin house from the first area of 210 m, And its price is 5,800,000 pounds.
Stand alone villas from an area of 212 square meters, And its price is 7,100,000.

Payment methods in Cali Coast North Coast

The company sought to satisfy its customers by providing more than one system for payment and installments in the village of Cali Coast North Coast Among the available systems are the following:

5% down payment and installments over 8 years.

5% advance, After three months, he paid 5% and the rest over 9 years.

Book your unit now with the lowest down payment and choose the space and location you want. And enjoy a chalet directly on the sea in Ras Al-Hikma Bay in comfortable installments and without any interest from Maven Real Estate Development and Investment Company.

Cali Coast North  location

The company has conducted a complete study on the most important coasts in the Mediterranean, And it chose an area that was newly classified as one of the 3 most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is called Ras Al-Hikma Bay.

Cali Coast North Coast
Cali Coast North Coast

The village is located at kilometer 198 on Alexandria-Matrouh-Ras El-Hikma Road. It is only 15 km away from El-Dabaa. Next to its proximity to the new Fouka Road.

The village of Kali Coast, North Coast, is distinguished by its proximity to the Sidi Abdel Rahman area and the new city of El Alamein, It is also located near the largest tourist projects such as Mountain View and Marassi North Coast.

We will not be able, in brief, to describe a unique, upscale, and very strategic location chosen by the largest international companies to carry its name in a touristic edifice that it presents to its clients on the northern coast. Cali Coast Ras El Hikma is a city of luxury, pleasure, and relaxation with natural scenery and recreational activities. The company presents it as a new experience full of everything new and different on the sea directly on the beaches of Ras El Hikma, North Coast.

Cali  North Coast

Cali Coast North Coastt project occupies an area of 230 acres. This space is designed in the American style. It is similar in its designs to the charming city of California.

This area on which the Cali Coast village is built is considered one of the vast and huge areas. The company chose this space to provide the largest possible number of services, facilities, and means of luxury and enjoyment in the village. It contains a wide range of recreational activities. It also includes all the living services that make your unit in the village your first home, not just a summer unit.

  • The village has a beach front of 600 meters.
  • The beach area is 30 acres.
  • The percentage of buildings and constructions is about 13%.

Cali Coast units are diverse and different, as they include (chalets, standalone villas, waltown house, and Twin House), They are all designed for a clear and complete view of the sea. As for the finishing level, it is either super lux finishing with air conditioning or semi-finishing. According to the wishes of each client and what will be agreed upon.

The owner company of Cali Coast North Coast

It is an American company that was established in 2009. at the hands of a group called the riverwards group, During her trip, she carried out many different projects in the United States of America.

Maven Real Estate Development Company has completed more than 11 projects in America, And managed to make a distinguished name on the level of the European market, In the year 2020 AD, the company decided to storm the Egyptian market in the real estate field.

It announced its targeting of new cities and the tourism sector as well. Indeed, she presented her first work in Ain Sukhna, which is the village of Bay Mountain Ain Sukhna. This edifice was able to achieve the largest percentage of sales despite its modernity in the Egyptian real estate market. This is because it has transferred a complete culture and global designs in a way that highlights its experience and distinction in a sophisticated and distinctive way in that project.

Which made it announce to its clients the second project that bears its name on the northern coast in the Ras al-Hikma Bay area, the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

Some of the company’s previous work in the United States:

  • Avenue 30.
  • Campria court.
  • Residences at york.
  • Avenue v.
  • N5 square.

After Maven Real Estate Development Company became one of the largest real estate companies in European countries, make a new breakthrough in Egypt, A tourism project with innovative and modern designs in the most privileged location on the North Coast, which is the Cali Coast Ras El Hikma village.

Take the opportunity and own your unit on the sea and enjoy the fresh air, the charming view, the green spaces, and the most beautiful landscapes in Ras El Hikma. With the lowest down payment and installments up to 9 years in Cali Coast north coast.

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Project details


Maven Developments offers several different models in residential units, It varies among chalets, villas, townhouses, and twin houses. The spaces are also available in a large and different way, so that you can find the space you want directly on the sea in the village of Cali Coast Ras El Hikma.

  • One-room chalets, with spaces starting from 70 square meters.
  • And two-room chalets with an area of 93 square meters. up to 103 m.
  • 3-bedroom chalets start from 126 square meters up to 139 square meters.
  • There is also a chalet of 4 rooms with a terrace starting from an area of 175 square meters.
  • Townhouse villas start from 162 m.
  • Twin house spaces start from 210 square meters.
  • And the standalone villas start from 212 m.

Prices for Cali Coast North Coast:

One of the most important points that the company that owns the project has taken care of is the prices that it will release to the public, customers and investors in Kali Coast North Coast, It offered several prices that differ according to the units within the village. However, it is considered one of the lowest and most competitive prices. And you were not satisfied with that, but rather offered you installment systems and payment facilities without interest.

  • The price of the one-room chalet starts from 1,350,000 pounds.
  • The prices of two-room chalets start from 1,900,000 pounds.
  • The 3-room chalets start at 2,350,000 pounds.
  • As for the prices of the 4-room chalets, they are available at 3,150,000 pounds.
  • Townhouse villas start at 3,200,000 pounds.
  • And the Twin House from the price of 5,800,000 pounds.
  • And the prices of standalone villas start from 7,100,000 pounds.

Village prices start from 350,000 pounds.

5% down payment and payment facilities up to 8 years.

Maven Real Estate Company.

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