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Information about Bianchi North Coast

Bianchi North Coast is a new project that was designed in the best areas of the Egyptian North Coast, to have many advantages compared to other projects that make it one of the best projects implemented in the North Coast.

Bianchi Ilios North Coast is a new project overlooking the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast, Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, at kilo 134 on the Alexandria Desert Road. This project is developed by Developer X Development company that announces recently the opening of reservations door in Bianchi Village. 

In addition to the unique and distinctive engineering design inspired by the picturesque islands, Bianchi Sahel provides an integrated set of many varied facilities and services, whether basic or recreational. Among these services is the Crystal Lagoon located in a huge area that makes you feel that you are on an island surrounded by green spaces and artificial lakes on every side. 

All of these previous features are offered at a competitive price. And in the next lines, we’ll show you in more detail all the information about Bianchi Village North Coast.

Bianchi North Coast Location 

Bianchi Ilios North Coast is located on the north coast in the most well-known area in it, The Sidi Abdel Rahman area, at the kilo 134 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road. the region of Sidi Abdel Rahman has witnessed remarkable tourist interest in the recent period, as it is close to: 

  • Amwaj village
  • anchors
  • Cali Coast

It is also distinguished by its close proximity to Ras El Hikma Bay and the new city of El Alamein.

Bianchi Ilios North Coast Village considers one of the best places in terms of its strategic location, which makes it the focus of attention for those looking for calm and enjoyment.

Developer x Development has chosen the location of Bianchi Village Very carefully next to the most famous villages of the North Coast, in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, where this area is famous for the softness of its sands, the purity of its beaches, and the availability of many picturesque landscapes.

Places nearby the village:

  • The village is a short distance away from (Amwaj Village, Marassi, Cali Coast, John Sodic, and Mountain View North Coast).
  • Bianchi Ilios North Coast is only 30 minutes away from Wadi El-Natrun.
  • It is also 155 km away from Alexandria City.
  • The village is also close to Ras al-Hikma Bay and the new city of El Alamein.
  • Among the nearby roads to the village of Bianchi ilios North Coast are the new Fouka Road and the Dabaa Road.

Be confident that Developer x real estate Development Company presents a great and irreplaceable investment opportunity to all its clients by providing them with an ideal unit with an exceptional view, the lowest price, and the best services ever.

Bianchi ilios North Coast space

Bianchi Ilios North Coast Village was built on an area of ​​104 acres (483,300 square meters). A large part of that area has been allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, in addition to providing all basic and recreational facilities and services that meet the needs of customers and investors, which makes you guarantee a wonderful vacation with your family and friends in One of the most beautiful tourist villages on the North Coast.

The developer took advantage of the large project space to offer many residential units of various sizes, including chalets and villas, which guarantees you a wonderful unit with the best architectural design, at a competitive price, with many services and features, and you will feel that you are in one of the most beautiful European cities on the Egyptian land. 

The developer company was interested in making Bianchi North Coast with a construction rate of only 20%, and allocating the remaining space to green spaces, artificial lakes, and the distinctive landscape with the availability of all the services that you and your family need, and Finally with the magnificent crystal lagoon that occupies 11% of the project area.

Bianchi Ilios North Coast Design

Bianchi Ilios North Coast project is built on an area of 104 acres, which is a suitable area for creating an integrated entertainment city that achieves everything you wish for enjoyable holidays throughout the year. 

Bianchi Sahel village owns a beach length of 360 square meters, and this village was designed innovatively and differently compared to any other project by following the Greek style, and with the hands of the most important engineering cadres in the Arab world, to create a global icon bearing the name of Tatweer Misr Development Company.

Bianchi Sahel services & Features

Developer x was keen to provide full services and facilities to the residents of Bianchi Village units and was interested in creating an ideal, vibrant environment and climate available throughout the year, away from the crowds and noise of cities.

Among the most prominent services that you will find in the village are the following:

  • Bianchi North Coast includes many green spaces and wonderful landscapes distributed throughout the project, which increases the aesthetic appearance of the village.
  • It includes many wonderful artificial lakes that give your unit a very impressive view.
  • The project includes a social club with many various sports fields.
  • The project provides jogging and cycling tracks away from car traffic.
  • allocated areas for relaxation, reading, and yoga.
  • The village provides trained and qualified security and guard systems at the highest level.
  • All parts of the project are covered by surveillance cameras that operate with the highest quality and best efficiency.
  • There is an Aqua Park equipped at the highest level with several recreational water games that are suitable for all age groups.
  • The project includes a variety of restaurants and cafes equipped with the best hotel services, serving the most delicious international and local dishes and beverages.
  • There is a large commercial area with the most famous international and local brands.
  • The village includes a hypermarket to buy all housing needs. 
  • There are many pharmacies, and natural clinics separated in the village that operate throughout the day for all emergency cases.
  • Areas allocated for barbecues parties. 
  • There are Kid’s areas in the village that allow all children to have fun and develop their skills.
  • Swimming pools with different depths and sizes that suit all age groups, in addition to swimming pools for women only.
  • High-quality internet networks covering all parts of the village.
  • The project includes a gym equipped with the latest equipment and technologies.
  • Health Club includes a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi.
  • The village includes a five-star hotel equipped at the highest level to receive guests.
  • The project allows you to spend wonderful evenings, as it has allocated a many areas designated for parties equipped at the highest level (Club House).
  • The project includes squash courts for squash lovers.
  • Artificial lakes on an area of 46,000 square meters.
  • Aqua Park on the beach.
  • Electronic gates.
  • Parking for cars.

Bianchi Village North Coast prices 

Despite the many advantages and services offered by Bianchi North Coast Village, the prices came to complement this distinctive harmony. Where the company provided reasonable and competitive prices that satisfy everyone and suit any budget and are not compared to all the provided village services at all. In addition to that the developer company was also provided a variety of spaces and different styles to suit all its customers. The prices in Bianchi Sahel village came to be as follows:

  • The prices of Chalets in Bianchi Sahel start from 3,500,000 EGP.
  • While the prices of the townhouses in Bianchi start from 5,433,600 EGP.
  • Bianchi Sahel also includes twin houses, with a starting price of 8,952,000 EGP.
  • And finally, the village contains Standalone villas which are available at prices starting from 14,140,000, up to 29,920,000 EGP.

قرية بيانكى الساحل الشمالي

Bianchi Sahel Units Spaces

Bianchi North Coast has a wide variety of unit spaces that suit all the client’s needs. These different spaces came in all the different unit types provided in the village so that each customer finds the ideal space that he is looking for in the various types of residential units.

The available unit spaces in Bianchi North Coast range from the following:

  • In Bianchi North Coast, there are chalets consisting of 4 rooms, with spaces starting from 160 square meters.
  • Bianchi Sahel village also includes a twin house consisting of 3 rooms, with spaces starting from 180 square meters.
  • There is also a townhouse consisting of 3 rooms, starting from 210 square meters space.
  • The project as well includes a 5-room twin house with an area starting from 255 square meters.
  • Stand-alone villas are also available with different spaces.
  • There are also villas with a private sandy beach, consisting of 6 rooms, with an area starting from 320 square meters.

Bianchi Ilios North Coast Payment Plan

The developer company also offers Several distinct payment models, through which you can buy your unit within Bianchi ilios north coast without carrying any financial burden or pressure. By paying the lowest down payment and installments over many years, by choosing from the available systems as follows.

  • The client pays a 5% down payment, and 10% when contracting, and then benefits from facilities over 8 years without any interest.
  • Paying 10% down payment and facilities over 7 years, in equal installments.

abianchi ilios North Coast

Faults and problems in Bianchi North Coast

If you are looking for the most important defects that must be mentioned in this giant project before you buy your unit, you will find that the most prominent defects and problems of Bianchi North Coast are as follows:

  • The number of village units is very limited, and this is back to the following 2 reasons:
  • because the company is keen to make the most of the project space for services, basic facilities, and entertainment, In addition to its interest in providing green spaces and artificial lakes, and for this many people hope to own their unit in one of developer x’s projects.
  • because the North Coast has become the first destination for customers and investors in recent years.
  • The very competitive price offered by the developer company for all units of Bianchi Village made a strong demand for reservations by investors, and this contributed to the rush of many investors to reserve their units in it.

Information About The Owner Company 

This big project is a result of an agreement and partnership between the Tatweer Misr Development Real Estate Development and Bianchi Tourism Investment Company. Bianchi Tourism Investment Company is one of the giant companies that have a good reputation in the Egyptian real estate market. 

That partnership no doubt resulted in making an integrated Greek city on Egyptian land on the northern coast.

And one of the most important names that helped in implementing that achievement is the following:

  • Mr. Ahmed Fouad: who is the CEO of Developer x Development company.
  • Mrs. Nagy Erian: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Developer x company.
  • Mr. Sherif Gerges: who is a Member of the Board of Directors of Bianchi Real Estate Company.
  • Mr/ Ashraf Al-Sheety: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shura Holding Group.

Developer X Previous Projects

Below we’ll present to you an overview of the most prominent projects implemented by Developer X Real Estate Company:

  • Implementation of OURIKA Sheikh Zayed Compound Project.
  • The Muse Strip Mall New Cairo.
  • Implementation of Al-Maidan Museum in Fifth Settlement.
  • Execution of Criss resort in Sharm El-Sheikh.
  • The company also implemented the Kattameya office complex in New Cairo.

If you are looking for chalets for sale in Bianchi North Coast, you must have made your purchasing decision after getting acquainted with the number of very impressive features that are available in the project, in addition to the number of services provided by the developer company, and the special prices offered by the company for all units in Bianchi North Coast.

It is truly an irreplaceable opportunity to enjoy your unit in that village, which enjoys a strategic geographical location on the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Do not miss the opportunity and reserve your unit with the lowest down payment in an integrated and distinctive edifice on the most beautiful beaches of Sidi Abdel Rahman, with a different life, joy, and luxury offered by the company.

Enjoy now the summer in the most prestigious strategic and service location on the North Coast, in the Bianchi North Coast project.

You can contact us now to inquire about unit prices, spaces, reservations, and reimbursement methods. by contacting us at 01069210222, and one of our sales agents will reply to you as soon as possible.

Project details

You can reserve your unit in Bianchi North Coast by contacting us at 01069210222.

Developer x Real Estate Company and Bianchi Tourism Investment Company are the owners of Bianchi North Coast.

The prices in Bianchi North Coast village start from 2,200,000 EGP.

The payment system in Bianchi North Coast is (paying a 5% down payment, 10% after contracting, and the rest in installments over 8 years without any interest).

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