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Since the establishment of SODIC Real Estate Development Company in 1996, SODIC’s vision was to seize untapped opportunities throughout Cairo and the New Urban Cities. Where the company believes that these new cities, in particular, possess enormous potential, especially in light of their distinguished location away from the crowds of Greater Cairo. In this context, SODIC Real Estate Company was able to present to its clients a new concept of a modern lifestyle, in the direct interest of the public and investors.

Sodic Real Estate is characterized by its diverse portfolio of lands in terms of its geographical distribution. As well as a very large share of real estate projects, In addition to the strength of the financial position and the financial mantle it enjoys, and other factors that support the company’s ability to maximize positive returns for all parties, whether investors or customers.

SODIC was also able to achieve strong growth during the past years, despite the economic turmoil associated with the political transformations in Egypt during the past decade. This reflects the company’s commitment to delivering real estate projects on the dates agreed upon with clients. Sodic Real Estate has been able to deliver more than 90% of these projects ahead of schedule during the past five years.

During the course of the Sodic Real Estate Company, the company gained more experience and was able to establish ten huge real estate projects in separate locations in Cairo, and it also invested in the tourism and commercial sectors.

SODIC also won many appreciation awards because it is one of the companies that care about the level of quality and planning, as well as the unique design and provision of spaces in all its previous works. In 2015, the company expanded its business and built and built-in coastal cities directly on the beaches.

The most important names in Sodic Real Estate Development Company

SODIC includes a large group of senior engineers and experts in the arts of architecture and all departments related to this field, The fruits of the achievements of those names were a huge series of different and distinguished projects, the most important of which are:

Board members of the company:

  • Mr. Majid Sharif.
  • Professor / Yasser Al-Sayed.
  • And also Mr. Omar Al-Hamwi.
  • Professor / Nadine Okasha.

And other names that have extensive experience in the real estate market, During the past years, the company launched a number of different projects and was keen to provide distinguished prices in each of these projects, which contributed to the company acquiring a large segment of customers and investors throughout its presence in the real estate arena in Egypt.

The previous work of Sodic Real Estate Development Company

Sodic has succeeded in being one of the most important real estate companies that offer a level of sophistication and high quality, It achieved success in more than one sector, whether commercial, residential, or tourism. Here is an overview of the most important projects carried out by SODIC Real Estate Development Company during the past years:-

Sodic Real Estate Company projects in New Cairo

  • Sodic built the Eastown project in New Cairo
  • Sodic valet, which is among its projects in the Fifth Settlement.
  • In addition to the construction of the Sky Condos compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • And also Spectrum Compound in New Cairo.
  • It also built Eastown Parks Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Katamya Plaza Compound is joining its work
  • It also launched the Villette Sodic Compound project.
  • Among its projects is the Sodic East New Cairo project.
  • Westown Courtyards New Cairo

Sodic Real Estate Company projects in October

  • She also carried out The Estates project in Sheikh Zayed.
  • And the Westown Sheikh Zayed project on the 6th of October City.
  • The Polygon Sheikh Zayed project has also been constructed
  • Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed
  • Building The Strip Mall on the 6th of October, The Strip 6 October
  • Compound 6 West 6th of October
  • And also the Westown Medical Center complex, Sheikh Zayed
  • Westown Hub 6 October building
  • The Portal Sheikh Zayed project
  • Allegria Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • And also the Vay Sodic Compound
  • It also built the Caramel New Zayed project
  • October Plaza also presented October Plaza
  • And also Forty West 6 Ocober Compound.

Sodic projects on the North Coast

  • Caesar Village, North Coast.
  • It also built the village of June Sodic North Coast
  • And the developer of the Cezar Bay project, North Coast.
  • In addition to the Malad North Coast project.

The rest of the projects of Sodic Real Estate Company

  • Compound Azealia Sodic East Heliopolis.
  • Sodic East Compound in El Shorouk City.
  • And also Sodic East in Heliopolis

Owner and founder of Sodic Real Estate Company

As for the founder of SODIC Real Estate Investment and Development Company, he is Magdy Rasekh, a successful businessman and a large investor who is famous for his knowledge, study, and efficiency. And he was keen, through SODIC, to appoint rare cadres in the company in order to develop and advance a distinguished process in the real estate market. Indeed, he succeeded in this matter until the name of SODIC became a distinctive and prominent mark within the real estate arena in Egypt and the Middle East.

And for those who do not know Mr. Magdy Rasekh… He is the father-in-law of Mr. Gamal Mubarak, the son of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, He joined the Military Technical College and then left it within one year to study at the Faculty of Commerce at Helwan University and graduated in 1966.

During his career, he worked at Al-Ahram Center for Information and Computers, immediately after graduating. Then after that, he left Cairo and traveled to Kuwait City to work there. After his return, he established a company working in the field of communications technology in Cairo’s most important neighborhood, Mohandessin.

Then he turned to the gas sector to invest and work in it in 1998 AD. Indeed, he established the National Company, which is a company working on the transportation and distribution of natural gas.

As for the decision to enter the world of the Egyptian real estate market, it came after collecting all the experiences that he received during his professional career, and a huge entity was built called the Sodic Company, and in the past, it was known as the 6th of October Company.

Mr. Magdy Rasekh held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at SODIC, And he was able to obtain many awards and certificates of appreciation by presenting projects that differ from others in the real estate market and offering units at distinguished prices while providing huge facilities and without interest. He was also interested in the design part, where he collaborated with many experts and engineering consulting firms in all of his previous work. The company is still presenting everything new and unique that bears the name and trademark of Sodic Real Estate Investment and Development Company

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