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70 Plaza Mall New Cairo- 70 Plaza Mall New Cairo

Mall 70 Plaza, New Cairo, is a new multi-activity commercial mall in the most exclusive, busy, and vibrant location in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. It was launched by REJAN Development, through which it provides commercial units of various sizes, at very competitive prices, and a convenient payment system for all its customers.

Location of 70 Plaza Mall, New Cairo – Location

The 70 Plaza Mall project is located in New Cairo, in the best locations in the Fifth Settlement. It is located in a very lively area characterized by a high occupancy rate in a complex that contains many commercial centers, banks, exhibitions, and major companies.

The 70 Plaza project is located in plot 98 of the first commercial sector, in front of the Arab Bank and next to the B-Tech showroom.

The location of 70 Plaza Mall features a triple view with three different destinations, one of which overlooks Sixty Street 60, and the other on 16th Street, As for the third and final façade, it overlooks a corridor linking both 60th and 16th Streets.

Division and area of the project

The area of the land on which the 70 plaza mall Fifth Settlement project is built is 1000 square meters. The project includes a plaza of 250 square meters. As for the internal division of the mall, it includes 3 main floors (ground floor – first floor – second floor).

  • The ground floor of the mall includes a group of restaurants and cafes with an outdoor terrace.
  • While the first floor of the mall contains many commercial units of various sizes, in addition to the Panorama Showroom.
  • As for the second and last floor of the mall, it only includes the Panorama Showroom.
  • The spaces of the units of Mall 70 Plaza, New Cairo

    The units’ spaces vary in the 70 Plaza project, Fifth Settlement, to suit the different needs of customers. Where the company developing the project provides commercial units starting from 29 square meters up to 125 square meters.

    The prices of the units in 70 Plaza Mall, New Cairo

    REJAN Development provides units within the 70 Plaza Mall project at very competitive prices. The prices of each unit in the project vary according to its area and location within the mall. The unit prices inside the mall can be classified as follows:

    • The price per square meter for units on the ground floor starts from 145,000 pounds. And up to 180 thousand Egyptian pounds.
    • The commercial meter price for the units in the first floor starts from 108 thousand pounds to 133 thousand pounds.
    • As for the second floor in the project, the commercial meter price for the units starts from 84,000 pounds and reaches 130,000 pounds.
    • An 8% maintenance deposit is paid of the value of each unit.

    Payment systems, 70 Plaza Mall units, New Cairo

    REJAN Development provides its clients with a very easy and flexible payment system, By paying down payments starting from only 15% of the unit value, And pay the rest in monthly installments up to 5 years.

    The date of receiving the units of 70 Plaza Mall, New Cairo

    REJAN Development, the developer of the 70 Plaza Mall project in New Cairo, announced the date on which the units will be handed over to its clients. The units are scheduled to be finally delivered at the end of December 2024 (30/12/2024), according to what the company announced.

    Seize your opportunity to invest in the latest projects of Reagan Real Estate Company, Mall 70 Plaza, New Cairo. Own your commercial unit in the best strategic and vital locations in the Fifth Settlement in a project that provides the best services to its customers at attractive prices with flexible and easy payment systems.

  • Services of the 70 Plaza Mall project, New Cairo

    Reagan Real Estate Company’s new project, 70 Plaza Mall, contains many important and distinctive services that its customers need, Among the most prominent of these services:

    • Panorama elevators give an aesthetic look to the mall from the inside.
    • Emergency fire extinguishing systems.
    • Electromechanical equipment for air conditioners inside the mall.
    • Allocate a ladder for emergencies.
    • Providing the mall with surveillance cameras at the highest level, and central internet.
    • Allocating a garage for cars with a large area, estimated at the area of the entire project.
    • Corridors to distribute people and traffic to shops.
    • A private plaza connecting the 60th Street with the 16th Street to ensure the highest traffic and visitors to the mall. and facilitate access to it.
    • About the company developing the project

      REJAN Real Estate Developer is one of the successful companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt. She has extensive experience in the Egyptian real estate market, estimated at more than 10 years. During those years, it presented many residential projects at a very high level, which were appreciated by many in the real estate development market in Egypt.

      Reagan Real Estate Company has implemented many distinguished residential projects in the most distinguished new Egyptian cities, New Cairo City, As the company has many projects that have emerged in many of the prestigious neighborhoods in New Cairo such as Andalusia, home home lotus New Narges and North Al Rehab City.

      Reagan Real Estate Company is characterized by its clear focus before selecting its projects to keep pace with the current requirements of the real estate market and its variables. Which helped her to create her own exclusive solutions, It is also particularly keen on the strategic location of its projects in New Cairo. Through which it provides its customers with ideal investment opportunities for housing or investment.

      Reagan Real Estate Company aspires to excellence continuously through its selection of raw materials for its projects with great care, And following the latest international standards in construction in order to help enrich and develop the real estate sector in Egypt.

      The company has delivered 6 successful architectural projects in New Cairo, It is currently working on delivering 8 other projects within the Fifth Settlement.

      The company is currently seeking, after a series of continuous successes in its projects in New Cairo, to develop its first commercial project in the assembly, which is the mall 70 plaza new cairo project, in the most distinguished location in the city.

      Company vision

      Reagan Real Estate Company has a clear and inspiring vision. It is to become one of the preferred companies among its customers in Egypt. Through its endeavor to provide them with a better real estate experience based on transparency and trust and providing the highest quality of service, Thus building strong relationships with its customers and ensuring their permanent loyalty.

      Developed company message

      Reagan Real Estate Company, the developer of the 70 Plaza Mall project, New Cairo, has a purposeful and ambitious mission. It is consolidating its leadership in the real estate market The Egyptian through providing distinct real estate products and services, and following the Egyptian architectural standards.

      The Reagan Real Estate Company’s promise to its clients

      REJAN Development promises its commitment to its clients with the responsibility of implementing its projects with the best construction specifications and quality without any violations. It also pledges to them to choose the best sites that achieve the highest return on investment for its customers. Choosing the best interior designs without wasting space with fair loading rates, In order to provide a distinguished real estate product in New Cairo.

      Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reagan Real Estate Company

      The CEO of the company, Eng. Hassan Mohamed, explained in his speech about Regan Company, which he chairs its board of directors, Since the inception of the Reagan Real Estate Company until today, the company has striven to create a historical record full of achievements and successes. And this is thanks to God Almighty, and then thanks to the efforts of the employees of the company of distinguished cadres who possess a high degree of professionalism and skill, This enabled the company to achieve trust among its customers. And pride in the constructive achievements made by the company.

      The CEO concluded his speech through the mouth of his company that it is looking forward with confidence towards a brighter future and a future built by their hands. And reap the fruits of tomorrow’s generations.

      Experts in the field also expect, through the previous successful works of the Reagan Real Estate Company, in its various projects, especially in New Cairo, That the company deservedly write its name among the giants and leaders of the industry during the coming years, And to become a sign of prominent real estate development in Egypt.

      The accumulated experience of Reagan Real Estate Company, through its projects implemented in New Cairo, and the opinions of field experts, contributed to launching its first commercial projects in the assembly. It is expected that 70 Plaza Mall will be a milestone in the history of Reagan Company and its entry into the field of commercial real estate development.

    • Contact us now at 01069210222. One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details about the 70 Plaza project and answer all your inquiries about the project and how to book your unit in it.
Project details


The commercial units’ spaces in 70 Plaza start from 29 square meters up to 125 square meters.

The price per square meter in 70 Plaza ranges from 84,000 pounds to 180,000 pounds.

Reagan Real Estate Development Company.

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