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Information about Il Bosco New Capital

Il Bosco New administrative capital

Misr Italia stormed the administrative capital by constructing the best giant residential edifice, IL Bosco new capital R7 il Bosco the new capital, is the best neighborhood that has been established in the new administrative capital, and it is considered a wonderful opportunity for investment because of its high privacy, as it is one of the fourth generation cities. Now you can own your unit in the Bosco Misr Italia project with the lowest down payment and interest-free installments of up to 9 years. il Bosco Misr Italia

 Il Bosco New Capital location 

il Bosco Misr Italia The site of Il Bosco New Capital of Misr Italia, is characterized by its proximity to services, as it is located in a service area and is surrounded by all the various living and entertainment facilities and services. il Bosco Misr Italia compound is distinguished by its proximity to the diplomatic area, the Opera House, and the medical district in the capital.

IL Bosco Compound’s new capital is also one of the projects close to the Ministries Neighborhood, the Governmental Neighborhood, the Financial and Business District, and the Down Town area, which includes many companies such as computer, insurance, oil, and other companies.

IL Bosco New Capital, enjoy all the advantages that the project site bears, and live unlimited luxury in a mini-city that includes all your needs and requirements. Misr Italia offers you the best location in the New Administrative Capital. Leave behind all that is traditional and live a life with different standards and a style of sophistication, luxury, and luxury offered by the company in il Bosco project new capital of Egypt Italy

 Il Bosco New Capital Designed 

IL Bosco Compound newCapital wonderfully and very distinctively, includes many landscapes with wonderful forest-like paths, so that all its modern buildings overlook a wide area of landscapes, to create an environment that would allow the residents of the compound to reconnect with nature, giving them a new, brighter look in a greener life.

Bosco, the administrative capital of Egypt, Italy
Bosco, the administrative capital of Egypt, Italy

The IL Bosco new capital was designed and planned by the world-famous CallisonRTKL company. And also in cooperation with DMA company, Where IL Bosco new capital came as a result of this cooperation, which resulted in a concept inspired by eco-friendly living, To dictate a unique living experience where greenery and luxury abound.

On an area of 200 acres, this huge project was found. Which was implemented in one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in the New Capital, It is the upscale residential neighborhood R7.

IL BOSCO Compound is home to a distinguished group of living options that extend elegantly from villas to modern spacious apartments, Where nature is at its best.

The experience of living in any of the five phases of the IL BOSCO compound will bring a lot of benefits to its residents. And experience a healthy lifestyle in the heart of the new capital of Egypt.

Among the most important features of IL Bosco new capital are large spaces, and wide balconies, And the compound accommodated many large outdoor ponds for plants, including large trees that grow freely without any hindrance.

Finally, all the homes in IL BOSCO are timeless, understated luxuries rooted in captivating green landscapes. pedestrian-friendly paths, To encourage a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

Services and facilities in Il Bosco New Capital

This giant project, produced by the large Misr Italia Real Estate Company, includes a huge range of services, facilities, And the advantages that are integrated with the size of this large project and the ingenuity of the developer company, Which has an impressive record of achievements all over Egypt.

Among the most important of these services and advantages that the IL Bosco New Capital enjoys are:

  • The landscape is very impressive with a wide range of green spaces.
  • IL Bosco new capital includes a group of wonderful water bodies that are beautifully integrated with green spaces.
  • A social club suitable for all family members, To spend fun and entertaining family times.
  • Tracks for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • il Bosco includes a shopping mall, It includes a group of shops and malls that include a group of local and international brands.
  • The compound also includes sports clubs to practice all sports and maintain physical fitness. such as football, basketball, tennis, swimming, And other sports activities.
  • IL Bosco cares about nature in its design of the residential units within the compound. Where the buildings are covered from the outside with plants to form a vertical garden of a high degree of charming beauty.
  • All buildings included in il Bosco project are modern buildings that follow the latest automation systems and remote control through mobile phones. This guarantees the greatest degree of safety and energy saving for all project units.
  • 24-hour security and guarding service at the highest level.
  • High-quality HD surveillance cameras monitor every place inside the compound. And achieve the highest level of security inside.
  • Recreational areas for children to entertain and develop skills (Kids Area).
  • A secure garage dedicated to organizing cars and not crowding them inside the compound.
  • Dancing water fountains add beauty to the overall design of the compound.
  • il Bosco contains a group of cinemas that offer the latest local and international films.
  • A cultural center that presents a range of theatrical performances and distinctive cultural activities.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes and depths, To suit all age groups.
  • A group of distinctive restaurants and cafes, Which offers the most delicious dishes and the most delicious local and international drinks.
  • The compound also contains a distinguished educational service that enriches its residents from going outside its walls to search for it. It includes a group of international schools and nurseries that develop the different abilities of children.
  • il Bosco also includes a variety of medical services provided by a group of medical clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies scattered throughout the compound.
  • The compound includes a large mosque for prayer, designed in a wonderful Islamic style.
  • The compound buildings include elevators that facilitate movement between the different floors.

Units spaces in Il Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco new capital is located in the administrative capital On a very large area of about 200 acres, Where the developer has divided this giant project to include a group of buildings that include apartment-type units, And the other part includes all the villas in the project.

Bosco Egypt Italy
Bosco Egypt Italy

The division of units and spaces in IL Bosco new capital is as follows:

The residential buildings are divided into il Bosco administrative capital To buildings of types (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3) that include a group of apartments consisting of one room, two rooms, and 3 rooms, The second part of the project also includes a group of standalone villas. twin house units, townhouses, and penthouses, The spaces are as follows:

  • The spaces of the one-room apartments in IL Bosco  New Capital, start from 81 square meters up to 100 square meters.
  • While the two-room apartments’ spaces start from 126 square meters up to 157 square meters.
  • As for the 3-room apartments, their space starts from 144 square meters up to 192 square meters.
  • The penthouses ‘ spaces start from 273 square meters. and up to 327 square meters.
  • While the spaces of the twin houses units start from 254 square meters. and up to 290 square meters.
  • The townhouses’ spaces start from 251 square meters.
  • As for the standalone villa’s spaces in IL Bosco, they start from 382 square meters. and up to 530 square meters.
Cliff Villas stage

In a new offering within the phases of IL Bosco new capital, the developer has launched the cliff stage, which is located at the highest point of the project, It includes a group of independent and luxurious villas. and townhouse units, Waltwin House, This stage also includes a unique club that has a unique swimming pool. And a fancy restaurant.

Il Bosco New Capital project prices

il Bosco the administrative capital, of Misr Italia, was keen to provide residential units with a wide variety that allows each customer the appropriate space for him and his family, Indeed, it was able to implement a distinguished group of different units, Where the compound includes (residential apartments, Villas of different types) These units are available in various sizes, including small and large. Despite the diversity of these units, they all enjoy direct video on the landscape and the charming landscapes that affect you every morning in the il Bosco Egypt Italia project.

As for the financial part of the project, it is one of the most important points that have received great attention from the company. And because it wants to reach, through its prices, more than one segment and all levels of customers, it has presented the project at the lowest prices in the real estate market.

The prices provided by the company in the compound start from 2,800,000 pounds

il Bosco administrative capital was not satisfied with those prices but was also able to provide a package of payment systems and major facilities that help each of its customers to own their own unit without feeling any burden of payment.

To know more about the prices of IL Bosco Compound

Areas of Il Bosco New Capital

As for the spaces, the spaces of the apartments in the IL Bosco Compound, the administrative capital, start from 130 square meters.
There is also a group of distinct villas with different spaces starting from 297 square meters.

il Bosco Egypt Italy Choose now the area you want and live in one of the fourth-generation cities. Enjoy a strategic location and countless services in a unique and distinctive compound launched by one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world. Misr Italia offers you its latest launch in the heart of the capital, IL Bosco Compound, the New Administrative Capital.

Payment methods in il bosco new capital

Choose from among those systems that suit you and your financial circumstances, and book your apartment in the largest edifice that Misr Italia has launched in the New Administrative Capital, Among the systems offered in il Bosco Misr Italia are the following:

  • 5% down payment for your unit and the rest in installments up to 9 years without interest.

IL Bosco There is no need for hesitation. Hurry up to book your place and start now a new life in the midst of natural landscapes, and clean air, and live the luxury of you and your children in a city that carries everything you dream of and more. Enjoy complete tranquility and privacy, and forget the crowds, overcrowding, and noise in your new home in IL Bosco New Capital.

il bosco new capital  services

IL Bosco new capital any customer searches for the availability of services in any building when he wants to own his own place, And because the company did not overlook this important part, it provided a wide range of services in the project, so there is no need to worry about it. We have always been accustomed by Misr Italia to provide everything that is integrated, whether with its residential or tourism works, and this is what contributed to becoming today one of the companies that occupy the first place at the level of the real estate market.

If we mentioned it, no lines would help us describe a mini-city that was implemented to include all your needs and the requirements of your family in an integrated manner. Take advantage of this opportunity and be the first owner in the city of happiness, which is launched by Misr Italia, in the most prestigious locations in the New Administrative Capital, and one of the most important defects of the IL Bosco Compound

Engineering consultant

Misr Italia has sought the help of two of the best engineering consulting companies to design IL Bosco new capital  and they are companies with a high level of experience that have a distinguished business precedent in the field of real estate design, and they are the following companies:

  • CallisonRTKL Corporation

It is an outstanding company that combines the legacy of two great design companies with the power of their ideas, the spirit of their culture, and the passion of its workers, Which worked on designing the famous Dubai Creek Harbor, which is inspired by the idea of making the world a better place. In order to create a new accessible path, To make Dubai one of the future and sustainable cities.

  • DMA Corporation

DMA has more than 25 years of extensive experience in providing architectural consultancy, and engineering services covering services such as urban planning, architectural design, and landscape design, as well as supervising construction works, Interior design for all real estate facilities.

DMA believes that architectural design is not just about being creative or unique; Rather, it is more related to him working to revive the project and its idea.

The company that owns the il bosco new capital

il Bosco Compound new capital, when we mention Misr Italia, you remember one of the giants of real estate investment in Egypt. A major company that has its own size and weight among the most important companies in the real estate market, Misr Italia was able to implement a large series of achievements, which concluded with the IL Bosco New Capital project.

Il Bosco New Capital
Il Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco new capital The company has the experience that makes it the first in its field, as demonstrated by the unique and international designs that il Bosco Misr Italia launches with every edifice that bears its name. It is also one of the companies that have always taken into account the conditions

IL Bosco paid attention to the financial aspect and the prices it offered, in order for each customer to find what suits him easily.

And this series of works continues in a residential edifice designed by experts in the arts of engineering to be a fictional city to be implemented in the land of the new capital. As for the company’s previous works, these are some of them, IL Bosco new capital:

  • Next to the village of Musa Coast, which it established in Ras Sidr.
  • It has also implemented residential projects, including the Lanova Vista Compound in New Cairo.
  • In addition to the Italian District Compound on the 6th of October City.
  • She also presented one of her works on the North Coast, which is Kai Village, North Coast.

As for her work in the New Administrative Capital, she presented Vinci Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

And because it is one of the companies that do not know the ceiling of ambition and success, the IL Bosco Compound came as a continuation of those distinguished works that bear the name of the company, where Misr Italia developed a design that makes you feel as if you are in a European city, so everything around you is landscapes, green spaces, and fresh air.

IL Bosco new capital Call us now and contract your unit and enjoy every morning view of the charming natural and artificial lakes, Unlimited luxury, sophistication, and distinction that you will only find in Bosco

  • Where exactly is the Bosco New Administrative Capital project located?

IL Bosco new capital is In the most prestigious neighborhoods of the New Capital, Specifically, in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7.

  • What types of units are available in IL Bosco Compound’s new Capital?

It is available in IL Bosco Compound New Capital New residential units of apartment type, standalone villas, twin house units, Walton houses, and penthouses.

  • What is the units’ space in IL Bosco new capital?

The spaces start in il Bosco new capital From an area of 81 square meters, and up to 530 square meters.

  • Who is the owner company of the Bosco New Capital project?

The company that owns the project is Misr Italia Real Estate Development.

  • What is the payment system in Bosco New Capital?

The payment system provided in the IL Bosco new capital is the payment of 5% of the total unit value, And the remaining installments over 9 years in the form of equal installments.

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Project details

The unit prices in IL Bosco new capital start from 2,800,000 pounds.

Il Bosco New Capital Starting from a 5% down payment and interest-free installments up to 9 years.

Misr Italia Real Estate Company.


200 acres.

in the investor area, On the southern axis of Bin Zayed in new Capital.

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