Elora New Zayed Compound

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Elora New Zayed Compound
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Stand Alone Villas – Town House – Twin House
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Starting from 210 m²
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5% Down Payment
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Information about Elora New Zayed Compound

 Elora New Zayed Compound is the latest project by Arabia Development. Elora has been designed with a modern architectural system that preserves privacy and enhances the quality of life.

The project enlisted the expertise of renowned architects from around the world to execute unique designs for Elora New Zayed.

Compound comprises villas, penthouses, and twin houses, aiming to meet the needs of individuals seeking luxury and tranquility.

All essential and recreational services have been provided within the compound to ensure maximum comfort and happiness for residents, eliminating the need to venture outside for their daily needs.

Elora Sheikh Zayed is the ideal choice if you seek to live in a distinctive and exceptional environment, offering you and your family the best features and luxury.

Furthermore, it represents an excellent option for real estate investment, ensuring stability and excellent financial returns in the future.

Elora compound Location

Elora Compound boasts an exceptionally strategic location at the heart of Sheikh Zayed, making it easily accessible and convenient for residents and visitors alike. Its prime geographic position is highlighted by the following:

  • Proximity to Smart Village and Dandy Mall.
  • Direct access to Dabaa Road and the Middle Ring Road.
  • Its close to the Axis and Dahshur Link ensures easy access to key locations and vibrant landmarks in Cairo, rendering it an ideal choice for both living and investment purposes.
  • A short distance from Sphinx Airport.
  • A 20-minute drive from Shooting Square.
  • Just minutes away by car from Juhayna Square.

Elora Compound’s location is not only strategic but also distinctive, offering residents ease of access and mobility while ensuring a comfortable and upscale lifestyle away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Owning a residential unit in such an exceptional location at an attractive price has become remarkably easy. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity slip away, Contact us now to reserve and inquire at 00201011564040.

Elora Compound Design

Elora New Zayed Compound epitomizes luxury and comfort in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, characterized by a sophisticated European architectural design that blends elegance with technological advancement.

The design is precise and beautiful in every detail, imparting an atmosphere of luxury and opulence to the project.

Modern design techniques have been employed to ensure an exceptional residential experience that meets the residents’ needs with the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Elora New Zayed Compound exceeds expectations and represents the perfect choice for families seeking luxury and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

The villas in Elora New Zayed Compound feature a charming design that combines beauty and luxury, with each villa meticulously designed to provide the highest levels of comfort and elegance for residents.

Modern lines harmonize with classical elements in the design to create an atmosphere of charm and allure. Each villa features spacious interiors with harmonious open spaces that enhance the modern and comfortable living experience.

Additionally, the villas in the compound offer integrated outdoor facilities such as green gardens and private pools, making them a peaceful and refreshing haven for families seeking to live in a luxurious and enchanting environment.

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Elora Compound Space

Elora Compound in Sheikh Zayed stands out with its vast area spanning 227 acres, making it a distinguished residential destination shining in the heart of upscale New Sheikh Zayed.

Arabia Developments has allocated 18% of the project’s total area for infrastructure and residential units, laying a strong foundation for providing an integrated environment that meets all residents’ needs.

The Elora Compound area includes an extensive commercial zone spanning 143,000 square meters, offering a variety of services and commercial facilities to meet residents’ needs and facilitate their daily lives. The villas combine privacy, comfort, and elegant design, embodying the luxurious lifestyle sought by enthusiasts of sophistication and luxury.

Therefore, Elora Compound in Sheikh Zayed is a wonderful example of uniqueness and excellence, where its value lies in providing a unique community that blends modern life with stunning nature, becoming an ideal home for living and investment in the finest neighborhoods of New Sheikh Zayed.

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Units spaces Elora New Zayed Compound

The villas in the new Ellora Zayed Compound have a variety of spaces to suit different customer needs, including detached villas, twin houses, and townhouses. Here is an overview of the average sizes available:

Unit sizes range from 210 square meters for townhouses to 300 square meters.

Owning a residential unit at the ideal price has become remarkably easy. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Contact us now for reservations and inquiries on 00201011564040.

Elora Zayed Compound prices

Elora Zayed Compound is an ideal destination for those seeking luxurious housing in the Sheikh Zayed area. The villa units in the compound boast charming and attractive designs, varying in sizes and layouts to meet the diverse needs of customers. Moreover, Arabia Developments ensured competitive pricing. Below, we outline the average prices for Elora New Zayed Compound:

Prices for townhouses start from 16,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

The compound includes twin house units for sale with prices starting from 23,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Stand-alone villa prices in Elora Compound Zayed start from 27,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Seize the opportunity to own a residential unit at a reasonable price. Contact us now for more details and to Reserve at 00201011564040.

Elora Compound payment plans

Elora Zayed Compound offers flexible and diverse payment options, making it easy and convenient for various clients to acquire property within it.

Investors and buyers can choose from several payment plans that suit their financial and personal needs. One of these plans is the following:

Pay a 5% down payment, followed by an additional 5% installment after 3 months of contracting. The remaining amount can be paid over 8 years without interest.

This plan allows clients to enjoy immediate acquisition without a significant burden on personal finances. The remaining amount is distributed over a long and comfortable period, facilitating financial planning and ensuring long-term financial stability.

Clients can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in premium real estate in Elora Zayed Compound and enjoy a life of luxury and comfort in a unique and integrated environment, without any burdens.

Are you looking for an opportunity to own a residential unit at a great price in a fantastic location? Call now at 00201011564040, to reserve and get all the information you need.

Services and facilities

Elora Zayed New Compound offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure residents enjoy an exceptional and comfortable living experience, combining comfort and luxury with a focus on modern urban life and the enjoyment of the best of urban and natural life. Among the services provided by Elora Zayed Compound are the following:

The compound features vast and diverse green spaces with stunning natural landscapes to ensure relaxation and tranquility.

Walking and jogging tracks are available to enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air.

The compound includes various refreshing swimming pools that provide an ideal environment for recreation and relaxation.

The commercial complex within the compound offers a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as cinemas and entertainment activities catering to the needs and tastes of all family members.

Designated children’s areas provide a range of entertaining and diverse games, ensuring them a fun and safe time in an environment suitable for their growth and development.

The compound allows residents to enjoy a range of diverse sports facilities, including courts and tracks for practicing their favorite sports.

The compound boasts an advanced security system with a team of professional guards and high-tech surveillance systems to ensure the safety and security of residents around the clock.

The medical center in the compound offers comprehensive medical services under the supervision of distinguished medical staff, ensuring excellent healthcare for residents.

In summary, Elora Zayed New Compound provides its residents with a balanced and integrated living environment that combines comfort, entertainment, and security, allowing them to experience an exceptional and distinctive residential experience in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City. Reserve your residential unit with us now by calling 00201011564040.

About Arabia Development

Arabia Development Company was established in 1982, and since then, it has proven itself as one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company boasts a distinguished history of success and excellence in implementing a variety of high-quality real estate projects that meet the needs of customers and earn their trust.

Arabia’s vision is to keep pace with developments in the real estate market and apply the highest international quality standards in all its projects.

Thanks to its commitment to excellence and quality, the company has successfully implemented several projects, including:

  • Sun Capital Compound on 6th of October.
  • Moon Valley 1 and 2 compounds in New Cairo.
  • Galleria Moon Valley Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • Banglos Village in the North Coast.
  • Taikon Compound in Fifth Settlement.

Arabia’s projects are characterized by modern designs and integrated facilities, providing residents with a distinctive and comfortable living environment.

The company continues to innovate and excel in every project it undertakes, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking quality and reliable real estate investment.

Project details

Villa prices in Elora Compound start from 27,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Arabia Development.

The area of Elora Sheikh Zayed New Compound is 227 acres.

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