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5 East Tower New Capital
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Information about 5 East Tower New Capital

5 East Tower New Capital stands as an exceptional destination that combines urban excellence and commercial diversity in the heart of the New Capital City.

This luxury mall represents a symbol of upscale real estate development, offering an exceptional combination of unique design and diverse services, making it a distinctive shopping and business destination in the heart of New Capital City.

We will give you more details about 5 East Tower New Capital and the promising investment opportunities it offers to residents and entrepreneurs.

5 east tower new capital فايف ايست تاور العاصمة الإدارية

5 East Tower location

5 East Tower Mall is an ideal destination in the heart of the Downtown area of the New Capital City, as it enjoys a distinguished strategic location. Here are the most important location advantages that 5 East Tower enjoys close to various major landmarks and axes:

  • The mall is located in the middle of Mohammed bin Zayed Axis and the Regional Ring Road, making it close to all places and main traffic routes. 
  • Thanks to its proximity to the central monorail station, the mall provides easy and convenient access for all visitors.
  • The mall has a wonderful view of a huge garden extending over an area of 28,000 square meters, which adds an atmosphere of calm and beauty to the place.
  • The mall is a short distance from the New Museum and Massa Hotel, in addition to the Green River.
  • The mall is located near distinguished shopping destinations such as Madar Mall New Capital and Track 14 Tower New Capital, providing visitors with a comprehensive and diverse shopping experience.

5 East Tower Mall stands out as an integrated destination that combines an ideal location and proximity to the main services and landmarks in the New Capital.

Discover an unparalleled luxury experience at 5 East Mall New Capital, and call us now on 00201011564040 to reserve your unit and learn more.

5 East New Capital Space

5 East Tower New Capital Mall, offers a unique investment opportunity to start your project in the distinctive area of Downtown in the New Capital City.

The project is distinguished by its distinguished location, as it extends along an axis with a width of 75 square meters and enjoys a wonderful view of a spacious garden with an area of ​​28,000 square meters.

5 East New Capital Units’ Spaces

Five East Tower Mall offers various spaces for commercial and administrative units, which meet the needs of different customers. Here are some details about the unit spaces:

  • Shops

Shops in 5 East New Capital range from 22 square meters that gradually increase to suit all commercial activities, and these spaces provide ideal opportunities for merchants and entrepreneurs to display their products and provide their services effectively.

  • Administrative units

The area of ​​administrative units in 5 East Tower Mall starts from only 36 square meters, which provides a comfortable and suitable work environment for companies and institutions alike. These spaces are designed to meet different needs, whether for startups or large companies.

This diversity of spaces allows customers to choose the unit that suits their needs and commercial aspirations. 


Five East Mall Design 

The design of Five East Tower Mall is considered one of the best designs in the new capital city, thanks to YBA Architects and engineer Dr. Yasser El-Beltagy, who designed the El Alamein Towers.

The mall is distinguished by its smart and elegant design, characterized by unique architecture and attention to all the details inside it.

The mall structure consists of a ground floor and 12 upper floors, in addition to a basement garage consisting of two floors under the mall. 

The following are the most important details of 5 East New Capital design:

  • Ground + first floor: Ground and first floors are allocated for commercial units, where balconies and windows enjoy a direct view of the tourist promenade and the axis with a 75-meter width, which gives these units special vibes.
  • The second – eighth floor: is designated for administrative units, providing an ideal environment for companies and institutions to organize their work effectively.
  • Floors from ninth to twelfth: designated for Elite administrative units, which enhances luxury and excellence in the work environment.

With this smart distribution, Five East Tower Mall offers a diverse and integrated environment that meets different business and trade needs, with a great focus on quality and comfort for customers and tenants.

5 east tower new capital فايف ايست تاور العاصمة الإدارية

5 East New Capital Mall’s Prices

An unparalleled opportunity is available for you to invest in 5 East Tower New Capital, as Maqam Misr Company has offered the project units at exceptionally competitive prices. This step comes from the company to attract the largest number of customers wishing to invest or live in one of its pioneering projects in the New Capital.

Prices for offices and shops in Five East Tower Mall start from only 1,949,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those wishing to obtain their units in a lively and distinguished location in the New Capital City.

Get ready to enjoy a unique experience at Five East Mall, where luxury and elegance are available. For reservations and inquiries, contact us on 00201011564040.


5 East Payment Plans 

There are many Payment plans in Five East New Capital Tower that start with paying 0% down payment or with different down payments and various installment periods. 

The following are the most prominent payment plans offered in 5 East New Capital:

  • Pay a 10% down payment and the rest amount in installments over 10 years.
  • You can own your unit in 5 East Tower by paying a 10% down payment and the rest over 8 years.
  • Or pay a 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.

These multiple options give you the flexibility to choose the plan that suits your needs and meets different financial circumstances.


Five East New Capital Services & Facilities

Five East Tower Mall provides a comfortable and accessible work environment thanks to a group of innovative features and services, as the mall is distinguished by the following:

  • A fast internet connection is available to facilitate business and ensure effective work within the mall.
  • The mall offers a variety of restaurants and cafes to meet the needs and preferences of all customers. 
  • The mall relies on a solar energy system to preserve the environment and achieve environmental sustainability.   
  • There is a large garage with big space to prevent crowding and facilitate car parking.   
  • Cleaning and maintenance services are provided around the clock to ensure a clean and tidy environment.
  • There is a central air conditioning system to ensure the comfort of all visitors and workers.
  • There are also Surveillance cameras and guard staff working 24/7 to ensure the safety of the mall and its visitors.
  • The mall provides a group of ATMs allowing withdrawals and deposits to be carried out with ease.
  • There are stunning landscapes and resting places to provide a relaxing atmosphere for visitors and workers alike.
  • Providing panoramic elevators and escalators to facilitate movement between floors.
  • In the event of a power outage, backup generators are available to maintain continuity of services.
  • Security in the mall is enhanced through an emergency alarm system in case of any emergencies.

Get Your unit now in one of the most prominent projects in the New Capital City, 5 East New Capital Tower.

Contact us on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you, to give you all the details and information about 5 East New Capital Project.

5 east tower new capital فايف ايست تاور العاصمة الإدارية

About Maqam Misr Development

Maqam Misr Development is one of the leading companies that has a great reputation in the real estate market since its establishment with the vision of the brilliant engineer, Engineer Al-Saeed Shaaban, who has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market.

Engineer Shaaban has a unique experience, as he participated in establishing Al Arab Development Company, a company that has implemented many prominent projects in various regions around Egypt, including Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, and New Cairo, as well as in the New Capital City.

Maqam Misr Developments aspires to be among the largest real estate companies in the region, through close cooperation with the most skilled engineers and most famous consultants.

The projects it undertakes are characterized by accurate planning and implementation at the highest level of quality, ensuring maximum profit and ROI for its clients.

The company pledges to provide unparalleled services, focusing on meeting all customers’ needs and effectively achieving their goals.

Get a luxurious experience by reserving your unit at 5 East New Capital Tower. Call us on 00201011564040 for reservations and more information.

Project details

You can reserve your unit in 5 East Mall by contacting us on 00201011564040.

5 East Tower Mall is located in the heart of the Downtown area of the New Capital City.

Units in Five East Tower are available at special and very competitive prices starting from only 1,949,000 EGP.

The spaces in 5 East New Capital Mall start from 22 square meters and gradually increase to suit the various desires of customers.

The developer company of 5 East Mall is Maqam Misr Development.

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