Advantages and disadvantages of IL Bosco New Capital Compound

Advantages and disadvantages of IL Bosco New Capital Compound

Learn about the most important advantages and disadvantages of the IL Bosco Compound, the New Administrative Capital, where Misr Italia offers you a wide range of living services and multiple recreational activities in a way that makes you not need to leave the compound to fulfill any matter. Among these services that the project enjoys

  • Large green spaces
  • Artificial lakes
  • swimming pool
  • All that is entertaining and service

A complete life offered to you by Misr Italia in a compound in R7, the New Administrative Capital, The disadvantages of Bosco Compound for competitors are its advantages at the same time, as it is a city that has been worked on to make it your first choice without any hesitation. Sophistication, luxury and complete privacy for you and your family, Misr Italia offers them to you in the IL Bosco New Administrative Capital.

Disadvantages of IL Bosco Compound, the Administrative Capital

The defects of Bosco, the administrative capital, would not be an exaggeration if we say that it is very difficult and difficult to find defects in the huge project of Bosco, the administrative capital, which experts in the field call it the Advantage Compound. Due to its top position among the projects in the New Capital, But here we can monitor some things that bothered some customers, Which we can summarize as follows:

  1. High prices: Where the prices in IL Bosco New Capital Compound start from 2,800,000 pounds.
  2. 2025 Delivery date: Where the developer announced that the units of the last phases of the compound will be delivered in a year.
  3. Incomplete finishing: Where the company announced that the units will be delivered to customers without finishing.

A company such as Misr Italia is a big name that has a good reputation among major investors in the real estate field, This is because of her achievements and works that she was able to prove herself through. It believes in the completion of things and aims in every edifice it launches to the public to present everything that is distinctive and without any defects, and this is what has been implemented in Bosco

Starting from the multiple spaces and units that it offers with an open view of the gardens in the compound, Even the competitive prices it offers to its customers, Which is not comparable to the value of each unit in the compound

The advantages and disadvantages of the Bosco New Administrative Capital do not end, but are complemented by the company in payment systems and payment methods that make you own your unit and your new home with ease without any burden in paying. With the lowest down payment and the longest repayment period, Misr Italia offers you its latest work in the New Administrative Capital, the IL Bosco Compound, a new address for upscale housing in Egypt.

The spaces of the IL Bosco Compound, the administrative capital

  • The apartments’ spaces start from 122 square meters.
  • The villas are available with spaces starting from 297 square meters.

The Board of Directors of Misr Italia announced that the compound will be built on an area of approximately 200 acres. It is a huge space to create a city, not just a compound. A service city that includes all services, means of entertainment and comfort for you. In addition to the view and the distinctive view that each unit enjoys within IL Bosco New Capital.

The project includes different residential units, including apartments and villas, with distinctive finishes and international designs. It was carried out by the company with the highest quality and high technology in construction, seeking to raise the name of Misr Italia in the sky of the New Administrative Capital.

Choose the right space for you and own your new apartment in the heart of the Administrative Capital, and enjoy distinguished housing in an integrated service and entertainment city. Your place in Bosco, the new administrative capital, is a real opportunity and investment that you will not find again. A privileged location, countless services, and an artistic touch of modern and international designs, brought to you by Misr Italia at IL Bosco New Capital.

Distinctive coast projects

Nile Business City, the new administrative capital

The developer of Bosco Compound – Misr Italia

One of the advantages of the IL Bosco Compound, the New Administrative Capital, is the name of the company that completely implemented and designed it for its valued clients, which is Misr Italia for Real Estate Development and Investment, A name that makes you do not hesitate to invest and own your unit in a edifice that this company has built.

Misr Italia has been working in the real estate market for many years, during which it implemented various urban communities, commercial and tourism projects, And the IL Bosco Compound, the Administrative Capital, is not the first project launched by Misr Italia in the capital, as it launched a project called the Vinci Compound, the Administrative Capital.

Misr Italia projects

If you are looking for the defects of the Bosco compound, make sure that they do not exist, and you will only find multiple advantages that the compound carries in every stage it went through. Starting from its modern engineering and architectural design to the services distributed and spread everywhere in the project.

Hurry up to book your place and be the first owner in this huge project that Misr Italia is launching in the R7 Administrative Capital, Own your apartment with the lowest down payment and great facilities without any interest, and invest in the most prestigious and distinguished location in the New Capital.

  • Kai village in Ain Sokhna.
  • It is joined by the Lanova Vista Compound in New Cairo.
  • And the Italian neighborhood compound in the 6th of October City.
  • On the northern coast, it implemented the village of Kai Misr Italia.
  • And in the new capital, Vinci Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

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